Christmas is coming.

I think having a new/newish baby is a perfect excuse to get out of doing lots of tasks. Like arriving on time to appointments, wearing makeup, and putting up Christmas decorations. For all kinds of reasons I decided I didn’t want to drag out all the decorations and so because I “have my hands full with a new baby” I didn’t. Also it seems like the last time I can get away with not putting up a tree until the kids are old enough to not come home for Christmas because they have their own families. So I am taking advantage of this last opportunity. But even the Scrooge in me couldn’t skip Christmas cheer all together.

I adorned our mantel with a few key objects. (Yes, the dog has a stocking and the baby does not. Terrible I know, but again I have a whole year to figure out what I want to do for Dash’s. He will not celebrate his second Christmas stocking-less.)

I wanted to put out the very first Christmas decoration we bought as a married couple.

We have a tradition of picking out one piece of holiday decor together each year. This snow globe was our first.

Even though I didn’t put up a tree I wanted to be sure to display our little one’s first ornament.


I always enjoyed hanging my own “baby’s first Christmas” ornament up on our tree as a kid. I’m sure decorating next year with a toddler will be more difficult, but I will be excited to share the experience with Dash when he is older and can enjoy it.



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