Working on my vices.

Until 2 weeks ago this little notebook came with me everywhere. Into the diaper bag when I left the house, in and out of every room I was in, to bed with me at night.

This is where I recorded every feeding, diaper change, and application of diaper rash cream. Every time I gave the baby medicine, how long he slept, and how long he was awake for every day and every night.

I know I am not the only mom to have ever done this, but I think for me the recording had gone too far. I believed I was saving this data for the good of my baby, but I think it was really a way for me to try to control the chaos and unknowns of parenting a baby in the fourth trimester.  On Thanksgiving Zach made a reference to my “control-freak notebook” and I knew it was over. We were in the middle of Dash’s sleep melt down and I just closed the book and tried to accept what was going on. So far it has been a healthy move for the whole family.


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