Veggies door to door.

I loved the CSA we were part of this summer. I don’t think we will join it again because it ended up being very expensive for the amount of food we were getting. So I wanted to try out some other options. Then Living Social had a deal for a half-priced box from Door to Door Organics. I ordered a “bitty box” of fruits and vegetables which came last week.

What we got: grapefruit, apples, bananas, tangerines, lettuce, chard, cauliflower, garlic, and tomatoes.

It is convenient to have food delivered to your door, but the two apples and two tangerines in the bitty box did not replace the need to buy fruit at the grocery store. Plus, organic apples are pretty readily available at the grocery store. Maybe if I had chosen a box of just vegetables I would have liked it better. With a Door to Door Organics subscription you get an email telling you what they plan on bringing you and you have the option to make substitutions. I think this appeals to people, but I liked the mystery of the CSA from week to week. I liked having to come up with recipes for food I had never bought before.

So I don’t plan to continue this subscription, but it was fun to try out. Also it was worth it to catch this little performance. I’ll probably be looking for another program to try out, but I think next spring I will make more regular trips to the farmer’s market.

While I was snapping photos of produce Dash was deciding that lettuce looked like a good first food. It was hard to catch the action on film because I was trying to pry the lettuce out of his hand before it got into his mouth. Thankfully I prevailed and we didn’t have to find out what raw lettuce does to a food teetotaler’s tummy.



One thought on “Veggies door to door.

  1. It’s not the tummy but the wind pipe!

    Auntee Anna has pulled out a leaf or two from a kid’s mouth just in time. It’s kind of scary. Kids do the darnest things!
    Always in the mouth already!


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