Hitting the road.

Or the air, rather. We are Florida bound in search of a little warm weather and family time. Our little family of three is headed to south Florida to visit Dash’s great uncles. Before we had Dash I told Zach we needed to plan a trip early on in his life because I knew that I would feel like traveling with a baby was just too hard if we didn’t have a plan to do it. Plus we need a respite from this cold winter.

So down to Florida we go! On our packing list: golf clubs for Zach, baby shorts for Dash, and ear plugs for our hosts. Uncle P assures me they won’t mind a baby crying in the night, but we are trying to be prepared.

I am just looking forward to showing Dash the ocean, maybe going for a run without running tights and a neck warmer, and getting some family time.

Although he has never been out of the Midwest it looks like Florida is ready for Mr. Dash.

My friend Mo was in Miami earlier this month and snapped this photo for us.

I’ll let you know how it goes and what Dash thinks of the ocean…


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