5 months old.

While we were away our little infant turned into a 5-month-old baby!

Development #1 this month is that taking a photo of this boy sitting still is much more difficult. The outtakes from this little photo shoot are a little hilarious, a lot blurry, and involve Watson and the monkey getting  chewed on.

Other developments:

~ blowing raspberries. Dash sticks out his tongue and makes blowing spit in someone’s face look like the cutest activity I have ever seen.

~ hanging out with Watson. This is disgusting, but if you have kids you know how much of having kids is disgusting so I am going to tell you anyway. Watson like to clean up Dash’s spit up. When he gets close enough to do his clean up work Dash grabs handfuls of his fur and tries to eat it. Watson puts up with the hair pulling because he likes the drool so much. I told you, disgusting, but I live with a baby and a dog – disgusting is my life!

~ lots more talking. He seems to be getting the idea that he can make sounds to get us to respond to him and he enjoys that.

~ smiling at people. Dash ate up the attention from his uncles in Florida and from all the people in the airports and on the planes. Ate. It. Up. When I went to get the car when we were back in KC Zach said Dash was “calling” to this college-age girl he saw on her phone while he and Zach waited for the luggage. He smiled and shouted until he got her attention and then kept on talking and smiling until she started waving to him.

~ pacifier use. There was a time in his life that we thought he would not ever take to the pacifier, but that time has passed. We still mostly keep it for bedtime and nap time use, but we used it a lot on the plane and in the airport. He can put it in his mouth by himself now. It is fun to watch him turn it over and over in his hands until he gets it lined up correctly.

~ switching items from one hand to the other. He can take a toy in one hand and put it into his other hand. That is also fun to watch.

What hasn’t happened:

He still hasn’t had food yet, but we are planning on introducing that soon. Sleep is…not something we like to talk about. Actually I will talk ad nauseam about our battles with sleep and our theories of why our child doesn’t sleep, but we’ve discovered that this only makes my stress and frustration increase. Dash did sleep like he actually knew what that word meant while we were in Florida which prompted me to explore real estate in my uncles’ neighborhood, but Zach seems to think we need to live in the city where he has a job. Minor details. I think my motto is “if the baby sleeps, I stay.” But I think I am nearing the ad nauseam stage so that is enough.

The most notable characteristic of our baby is that he is a joy to be around all day long. Fun, happy, and interested in everything. I am infinitely grateful that I am getting to be at home with him. When we are hanging out at 4 a.m. I am grateful that I get to be with him all day. I think if I were at work I would miss all the fun and I would just be dealing with the frustration of sleepless nights. (Now, I have reached ad nauseam.)

Anyway we love him – go figure – and I think we will keep him around as long as he will have us.



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