Florida trip: Part 1

Our trip to Florida was the best. I am on board for going to Ft. Lauderdale, or anywhere in south Florida my uncles go, for every trip.


We planned to fly on Southwest so I read about their policies for baggage and all about advice for traveling with an infant. We brought our pack ‘n play and rented a swing that my uncle picked up and had ready for us. With the major pieces out of the way Dash and I set to packing our bags.


I had planned out our trip to the airport minute by minute including when we needed to drop off Watson at the kennel. Then we woke up to this:

I was worried our flight would be canceled, but Zach said if we could get to the airport we could get out of the state.

Thanks to our entrance into the world of SUVs we said goodbye to Watson, stopped to pick up some Christopher Elbow chocolate, and made it to the airport with hours to spare.

Dash was a dream to travel with. I was terrified that his little ears were going to be hurting all so that we could go get some warm air and I was gripping Zach’s arm with tears running down my cheeks when the plane took off. This guy sucked on his pacifier and fell right to sleep in my arms without a peep.

Blame it on stress, lack of sleep, hormones, who knows, but I was the only one in our family crying on this flight.

When the flight ended people kept telling us how wonderful Dash was and one lady told us to keep doing whatever we were doing with him. Ummm….if we knew we would probably end up ruining it. This is Dash in his natural state and we are just enjoying it.

That and he is a non-mobile 5-month-old who is content to sit on our laps. The couple with the wailing 16-month-old in front of us told us that their son was a dream at 5 months too. Moral of that story – travel a lot before they are one and then plan on getting a lot of dirty looks from fellow flyers after that.


The next hurdle was the nighttime sleep in someone else’s home. I have semi-accepted that grandparents don’t mind sleepless nights if it means being with their grandson, but great uncles? I wasn’t sure they would be able to handle it. The first night wasn’t perfect, but nearly.

This little baby slept more than he ever had at home and started his day happy to be with mom and dad on a Friday and to be sans clothing for the first time in months. And the uncles turned out to be so enamored with Dash’s cuteness that they didn’t mind the sleep intrusions.

Dash loved Uncle Pat and his landscaping.

We spent hours staring at palm trees, flowering plants, the pool, and the fountain. And watching Uncle Pat water the plants. Little boy loved the outdoors and all the beauty of gardens with a year-long growing season.

After Dash had an amazing morning nap – longer than ever before – we went to the beach for some liquid lunch.

And by that I mean that Dash enjoyed his afternoon meal sitting on the beach with the ocean breeze and sunshine.

More to come on the rest of our trip…


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