Peas, please.

Dash has finally made it into the world of green foods.

We mashed up some yummy peas in our new Beaba babycook. That little cooker is pretty slick. I can steam and puree food for Mr. Dash all in one machine. The only drawback is that the sound of the food processor makes him cry.

But the experience of squashing bright green, mushy peas with your fingers for the first time makes up for the moments of fear.

He couldn’t figure out how pick up the mush with his hands, but he tried. When he failed, he tried licking them off of his tray.

Dash gags at the first new bite of anything, but always seems to contemplate the new flavor and take a few more bites. It has been fun during the last month to see his reaction with all the new foods, but I am still waiting to add another meal until I get some sort of cue from him. So far he seems content to mush peas around on a tray for a few minutes each day.


6 month update.

Dash’s 6-month appointment was this week so we have some updated stats on the little guy.

First of all he does not have any teeth. The white bumps I saw on his gums were calcium deposits which our pediatrician said are normal, but not teeth. They can cause teething symptoms, like wanting to chew on everything, and he probably will get his bottom two teeth first instead on his canines.

Onto the real stats. He now weighs 15 lbs. 2 oz. which puts him in the 15th percentile. He is 26 inches long which puts him at the 30th percentile and his big old noggin is at the 75th percentile. So he is still our teeny, tiny guy; even his head doesn’t seem that big.

While at the doctor he grabbed the tape measure away from the nurse and munched it and when the doctor came in Dash grabbed everything out of the man’s shirt pocket, spilling tongue depressors and pens all over the examine room. His fine motor skills have reached destruction level. Yesterday he tried to grab a chunk of flesh off of my face. When did his hand get so strong and when did my face skin get loose enough to grab handfuls of?

My son the canine.

The last few days have brought us some…interesting new experiences with our son. The night we got back from Omaha Zach was getting Dash ready for a bath. After being undressed and while waiting for his tub to fill Dash decided to relieve himself on the kitchen rug. Zach, oblivious, checked the water temperature in the infant tub, while Dash and I, both speechless, stared at the floor. The last time someone peed on my kitchen floor was when we were house breaking Watson nearly four years ago.

Then the other day he did it again, but stepped it up a notch. He pooped on the couch. The last time someone did that was, never. I still don’t know how it happened. He was in a well-applied diaper, but solid food is a different ballgame I guess. If you want to know how to clean baby poo off your upholstery don’t ask me. I don’t want to think about it ever again.

And then, the other night on our walk, this:

He is teething and chewing on anything that might bring some relief to his aching gums. The strap of his sunglasses is foamy rubber and must have felt good. So good that he fell asleep with it in his mouth and it stayed there for the whole snooze. Then when he woke up, he keep it there.

And then when I took him out of the stroller:

He still hung on to it. He never touched it with his hands, just let it hang from is mouth like…a dog. Maybe he is spending too much time with Watson.

Over the river and through the woods…

Dash and I took a mini vacation last week to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The cold weather has been such a drain so we had to escape to Omaha to have some more company. We stayed all week and then came home before Zach got off work on Friday.

Dash had great fun at his grandparents. They have lots of neat toys.

Grandma also knows a neat trick of dumping out the toys and putting the baby in the toy box.

This way the baby who has just learned to sit up doesn’t bonk his head when he gets too excited playing with all the neat toys.

But we didn’t keep him in the toy box all week. I did other safe things life leaving him to sleep outside when he fell asleep on walks.

We also introduced him to my mom’s cat for the first time.

Dash didn’t like him as much as he likes Watson, but he was interested.

Every time the cat meowed he would look at my mom as if she had made the noise. It was really funny to see him putting together the pieces of the puzzle and probably coming up with not quite the right picture!

We also got to spent some time with the BFF and her now toddling daughter. It was fun to see her on the move.

She calls Dash “Lala.” It is so sweet. We went for a walk one day and when Dash started crying she tried to pass him a little car she was playing with from her stroller to his. Such a sweetie.

It was a refreshing week especially because for three nights in a row my parents got up with Dash so that I could get some sleep. It is so hard for me to let someone help me in the nights because I never know how many times Dash will get up and how long he will stay up each time. And to be honest, I guess I just want to pretend like it is all going great and it is hard to pretend that when someone sees what is really going on. Ugh. I need to remember that my parents are Dash’s grandparents and love seeing him day or middle of the night.

It is good to be home and back to our husband and daddy. This was the first time Zach has been away from Dash which was tough. Tough to be back to reality, but good to be with Zach and…the snow has melted!

6 months old!

With half of his first year under his belt, Dash is growing up pretty nicely.

This tie-dyed get-up is from Aunt Kat and is one of my current favorites.

I can’t believe Dash is now 6 months old. Mainly because I feel like I am still trying to figure this parenting thing out. I thought 6 months of doing anything would give you a certain confidence in your ability to do that thing. Instead of being 6 months of the same thing, though, the first 6 months has been more like a week of this and then two weeks of that – never the same. I guess that is what makes parenting mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging. But seeing that smile, we are defenseless to do anything other than take on the challenge day after day.

And it is a good thing because this may be the last month we have before this little guy is… crawling. Seriously. He is doing push ups, but more than that he seems to be doing planks. He grunts and pushes up on his hands and tip toes. He pivots around in circles on his stomach. He sits and he can move from a sitting position to his stomach although not gracefully. He can rest in a crawling pose – on his hands and knees – and can move backwards on his stomach, but he can’t figure out how to go forward yet. All this just makes him mad. I think he will be happier when he can figure out how to move forward, but am I really ready for that??

He grabs everything  and because he is teething he tries to put everything into his mouth. The tooth we thought was coming in has seemed to go back underground and now he has to go through the pain of cutting that tooth again.

Dash has started on solid food and once a day we try out different tastes and textures. He has tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, pears, and butternut squash. avocados made him gag at first and the squash was his favorite from the first bite.

He still is stingy with the laughs, but every once in awhile I can get him really going by tickling his feet or tummy. He has a social laugh that is more pushing air out over and over. It’s like we haven’t done anything funny enough yet to get his true laugh. But he gives the smiles away for free to anyone and everyone.

It seems that it is true that babies develop their physical and verbal skills separately. Dash has been focusing on physical for most of his life hence the near mobility, but that has left him with a vocabulary of mostly grunts. He has different grunts for different moods, but so far there has have been no syllables like “dada” or “mama.” There was once a “da,” but only once.

We have his 6-month appointment on Tuesday so we will get some updated stats, but Dash is still a pint-sized guy. It’s probably all the moving he is doing!

iPhone Photo Dump.

I often snap photos throughout our day of little things that happen when I don’t have the Cannon with me. And then I forget that I have those photos. So here are some of the iPhone moments from our last few weeks.

Much of our time is spent with the dog.

Laying around with Watson:

Pulling Watson’s ears:

Trying to pet Watson as Watson tries to steal a toy from us:

Sleep has been rare gift in our home and I have never dared take a photo of the baby while he was sleeping, but in a sleepless stupor I apparently snapped this one:

This one, of my constantly teething baby, is from one of our early morning hang out sessions:

And here are some of his new skills.

Washing eyeglasses:

Sitting up in restaurant highchairs for the first time:

And some moments with mom and dad:

So there you have it. The lost moments of our lives via the iPhone.

Baby’s first gymnastics week.

A few weekends ago my family came down for my cousin’s gymnastic meet. And, let’s be honest, to get a little time with the Dash man.

Dash had a great time soaking up the attention and watching all the gymnasts.

He also munched on a few indestructible books.

Oh yeah, and we watched my cousin do some seriously amazing gymnastics moves.

I don’t know how he does it, but I bet he will teach Dash someday.