Life’s little joys.

When you have a baby everything changes. People tell you that all the time. And that baby will grow up so fast. People tell you that too. I have spent a lot of these 5 months with Dash lamenting what people didn’t tell me or trying to ignore what they did tell me. Why didn’t anyone tell me how painful and difficult breastfeeding would be to get started? Why did people say he was just going through a phase of bad sleeping?

What I know now is that it really doesn’t matter what people tell you and whatever they do tell you is meant to be helpful. Taking care of a baby is frustrating, exhausting, and tedious at times and everyone who has done it remembers that. But more importantly in between the exhaustion and frustration are moments of pure joy. Indescribably, deliciously overwhelming joy.

Those moments of joy are fleeting. We sometimes don’t remember the specific times that bring us joy, but just the overall feeling of happiness. Blogging gives me a way to record those tiny moments of bliss and it also gives me a way to record the frustrations. I want to make the effort to write down more of those sweet moments so I remember, and he can know, how wonderful raising him was. Those sweet moments which are already fading – the sound of his newborn yawn in my ear and the feel of his downy hair against my cheek as I gingerly patted out burps after those first feedings.

Two quotes have captured how I am feeling about this amazing experience right now:

The days are long, but the years are short. ~Gretchin Rubin, the Happiness Project

Being a parent changes us more than we will probably ever change our children. ~ John Eldredge, Raising Boys


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