The snow report.

Last week we were stuck indoors by the piles and piles of snow and bitterly cold temperature that descended on us. We were all a little restless, but no one more than Watson. He actually enjoys a romp in the snow, but even he was blown away by the amount we had. But we discovered that no amount of snow can keep a labradoodle cooped up.

Watson found a squeaky football which he requested that I throw over and over again into the multiple feet of snow in our backyard. It was pretty hilarious. I would throw it, it would disappear into the snow, he would search forever, find it,

and then bring it to the backdoor and wait for me to throw it again.

He was outside for and hour and a half and only stopped his game because I was tired of throwing the toy for him.

Poor Watson. He is going to happy when spring comes too.


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