Embrace the Camera.

I really enjoy participating in Embrace the Camera. It makes me feel like a real member of the blogging community. Plus it gives me a chance to just post more pictures of my son without having to say too much.

A few notes about this snapshot:

It appears my son and I share the same forehead wrinkles.

No, it is not summer here. My son had just sit up all over my shirt so I was down to my nursing tank.

And a note about SLEEP:

After five nights of tears, earplugs, and sleeping on the couch I realized that my son doesn’t need me or his father in the middle of the night every night. And on the sixth night…he rested. All night. Dash slept a whole, entire night. He did get up at 5 a.m. but we are celebrating the success of a baby who is learning to sleep for more than three hours at a time!!! And celebrating being parents who are learning what parenting means.

Last night Zach went out to play basketball after Dash was in bed and it was the first night ever that I wasn’t terrified to be in the house alone with Dash. Terrified that he would wake up and I wouldn’t be able to get him back to sleep or have the strength to even try. He didn’t even think about waking up and even if he had I wasn’t worried about what I would do if he did. That was an amazing feeling.

So much for not saying too much.


7 thoughts on “Embrace the Camera.

  1. i looooove forehead wrinkles! šŸ™‚ my newborn has them, too, and always look like he’s in deep thought. glad to hear he’s sleeping well! that’s always great news….

  2. oh honey…glad you had an excuse to ‘belong to the blogging community’. glad i stopped by. enjoying your photos. and praying that little one continues to sleep heavenly for you. i know it can rack one’s brain in these early days (spoken as a mom of 5 ranging 15 years to 7 months).

  3. WHAT??!! You let your baby cry in the night??? Huh. And he doesn’t seem to be permanently damaged? I’ll be darned…

    Bless you, Mama. I know those tears well, but they’ll be worth it as he learns to self-soothe and sleep.



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