Germ-atic irony.

This week Dash and I hosted our baby playgroup. Like any good first-time mother I forgot to take my camera out until everyone had left. And then when Dash went done for his nap, like any true first-time mother I set about disinfecting every toy the babies had played with slobbered on.

Please, mommy friends, don’t be offended. I like your babies’ drool as much as my own baby’s. Please see this for what it is – dysfunction.

When Dash got up from his nap he sat on the kitchen floor with Watson while I checked on his drying toys and he did this:

That’s right. While all of the child’s toys were on the kitchen counter drying from their scrubbing and bleach dunk my son sat on the kitchen floor and pawed the dirty tennis ball the dog had brought in from the yard.


Then instead of stopping this, I took pictures while Watson licked something off my supposedly clean floor,

and then did this:

To recap:  All germs from sweet little babies eradicated and all matter of disgusting bacteria from muddy, slobbering, furry mutt and the kitchen floor spread all over my poor, innocent baby.



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