Mom on the run.

If you see this type of situation coming toward you on the sidewalk:

move away quickly. Seriously, a mom jogging with a stroller and a labradoodle has no control and you will just be  roadkill. At least if it’s this mom.

Speaking of roadkill:

Really, Watson? Really? You are going to terrorize three people at the post office then snag this flattened squirrel all in one outing?

Back before I found out I was pregnant I was planning on training for and running my first half marathon. Once I finished my postpartum 21-day streak I decided I would start training for that goal again. So now…I am currently training for the Lincoln Half Marathon! Any excuse to get back home, I guess. I’ll even run 13.1 miles to get back to Nebraska if I have to.

This week I completed my first 9.5 mile run and it was great. Mainly because I didn’t have to wrangle thing 1 and thing 2 while running.

I have lots of support in my goal, but sometimes to get in a run I need to take the two smallest, drooliest members of my family with me. Dash usually does great, but Watson is another story entirely. Hence the roadkill.

But you do what you gotta do.



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