7 months!

The last month with our son has been my favorite so far. Living with a newborn was just plain hard work and I am not super great at hard work. Plus we had hurdles that with so little sleep seemed more like walls without doors to me. And then Dash turned 6 months old and life got easier. And the last month has been fun.

Bad news is that I may have busted my camera so this photo was taken with my iPhone. Better than nothing, but I won’t know until Thursday or Friday how bad the damage is and no estimate on when I will actually get it back. Gross. Regardless how the photo looks, it is clear this kid is growing.

Eating:  He, like every other baby in the world, prefers the sweet taste of pears and apples to the taste of green beans. Grandma Leah learned the hard way not to feed him the fruit first. He still is a good nurser and has greatly increased his intake of solid food so I think he is gaining some serious weight. We start a meal with about 4 cubes of food and often end up warming up more cubes or making more and more cereal until he gets his fill. I like to let him experiment with the food and feed himself with his hands and spoon.

I in turn am experimenting with the best ways to clean up after these meal times. Shirtless with a bath immediately after works pretty well.

Motoring: We have forward motion! I wouldn’t call it crawling, but he is now flopping forward to reach toys in front of himself. He works so hard for one flop. He goes up on his hands and knees, then up to his toes like a bear crawl, then puts one leg over the other leg, then finally flops forward. He loves to be held in a standing position.

Likes: The monkey he takes his monthly shots with, Watson, the moment his dad comes home, drinking water from a cup, the baby swing at the park, tickle kisses on his feet, and watching me hide and peek up at him.

Sleep: Our baby sleeps through the night. As I’ve mentioned, nothing else even matters. Six months of now more than three or so hours or sleep at a time took. its. toll. I couldn’t have a single conversation without maniacally laughing or bursting into tears. Thanks to the help of the moms in my baby play group we followed the advice in Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and let Dash cry at night. It was tough and it took longer than I ever imagined for him to get things figured out, but nothing was worse than what we had been doing. All of us, Watson included, are happier and healthier. I have no advice or wisdom to pass along from my experience, only lots and lots of grateful thank yous to the mom-friends who supported and encouraged me.


One of my uncles, who shall remain nameless since he is doing our taxes and I don’t want to get on his bad side, said that babies are just no fun until they are about 6 months old. He, the father two awesome kids, said he would have been fine just to start spending time with them starting at that age. At 6 months they could laugh at his funny faces and interact and before that it was just changing diapers and trying to figure out why they were crying.  I think I was pregnant when he told me this and I thought he was goofy, but I now see his point. Newborns = hard work. Now parenting is hard work, but there are a lot more fun parts too. Oh, and he can hold up his own head. That makes caring for a baby much less terrifying.

There is, of course, nothing like feeling newly born skin or like watching a one-week-old sleep.


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