The last photos I took.

Here are the photos I took moments before the moment I think I might have broken my camera. I still haven’t heard the verdict.

Anyway, Zach was hanging out with Dash and Watson in the backyard and called to me that I might want to bring out the camera. Zach was throwing the tennis ball for Watson and Dash was having a fantastic time watching. He has a Watson dance which basically is just convulsing every part of his body when Watson walks by.

This one is Zach’s favorite picture. The concentration, the form – Zach says he looks just like a pitcher on the mound.

Watson loves any attention at all and a game of catch puts him over the edge. He was prancing and wagging like crazy which gave Dash plenty to laugh about.

It is so fun to have warm weather and be able to spend more time with Dash outside. If my camera is gone for a long time at least we had a good last day in the sun together.


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