Beware the diopter.

I got my beloved camera back on Saturday. We live around the corner from this fantastic camera shop owned by a man and his wife for nearly 40 years. He told me that they are in the process of retiring because they haven’t been on a vacation in that entire time. He also told me that there wasn’t a thing wrong with my camera. Hmmm….you mean there is a button on the camera that makes the view through the viewfinder blurry? That can’t be right. Why would you want that?

Well, fellow non-manual readers, there is a button. A dial to be exact called the diopter on the SLR camera which you can use to adjust the view for your eye. Oh. Oops.

Thankfully the camera man charged me nothing for this valuable lesson and even cleaned my lens.

This unnecessary break from my camera did force me to bring out my point-and-shoot camera and remember why it is good to have a pocket-sized photo machine.



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