It’s somebody’s birthday.

Watson turns 4 today!

photo courtesy of BFF

His 4 years mark not only how long he has been terrorizing squirrels, but many milestones in our family.

photo courtesy of BFF

We brought Watson home a few months after buying our first home and moving to KC; a month before Zach took the bar and started his first job; a week before I went back to school to get my master’s degree; and a few months before celebrating our first anniversary.

photo courtesy of BFF

It was a high stress time in our lives even before adding a puppy. And then he started growing, and growing, and growing. We expected a 45-60 pound dog and when all the growing was done we found we had an 80-pound, furry muppet on stilts. He used to steal bunches of bananas and loaves of bread from the counters and eat them…whole.

photo courtesy of BFF

He has added his share of bizarre mishaps to our lives – surviving a dog attack, eating a tube of Ben Gay, giving me a concussion – and we are all still here. His recent super obsession with roadkill is about to make us a dog-less family, but at the moment we are celebrating Watson, not cursing him.


Four years ago Watson never could have anticipated that he would one day become a chew toy or an implement for learning to crawl and stand.

It’s a dog’s life for sure. Maybe if he’s lucky I will let him sneak one of Dash’s toys and not tell him no.


One thought on “It’s somebody’s birthday.

  1. Happy Belated Birthday…..I`m a4 year old Labradoodle too….chocolata and blond tipped… I figured I should hook up with another of my kind…wink wink. Love the baby and doggy shots…Cheers from Sophie.

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