My son’s been doing The Creep.

Dash has been living up to his nickname and has been working on getting a move on. He wiggles, he rolls, he crawls backwards, he gets up on his hands and knees – or hands and feet – but he has not yet figured out how to go forward. This puts him in the creeping stage of his development; the stage before crawling, cruising, and then walking.

You know, the stage in his development when he is doing The Creep like Andy Samberg? Just Kidding.

Here he is trying to keep an eye on Watson. And here he is trying to figure out how to get to Watson.

Abs of steel, but no forward motion.

He gets to this position and then gets so mad that it is hard not to just rescue him. I know life will be full of all new challenges when he is mobile, but I bet he will be happier when he can crawl in the direction of the things he is trying to reach.


iPhone photo dump: Swing edition.

Last week Dash had his first experience on a baby swing. He enjoyed it from the beginning and by the end of the week he was kicking his feet and squealing when we BOB-ed up to the park. (BOB-ed as in arrived in our stroller.)

Here is the high-flying little guy throughout the week:






There was a line for the baby swings for Dash spent some time trying to eat dirt and grass instead. As the weather gets warmer he gets to shed a few layers, but he rocks his shades whenever he goes out.

We have a few other photos from the last week.

The first time to take out our umbrella stroller on a trip to get new tires for Zach’s car:

The first time we made a tent with a blanket although only Watson’s head fit inside:

And a last time. The last time my little baby would take his afternoon nap in a swing.

We sat in it a few afternoons after he woke up just for fun, but now he is in his crib for all his sleeping. What that currently means is that his previously 2-3 hour nap is around 45 minutes. Ah well. He sleeps at night so who cares!!!

And a couple more:

Here he is yelling at the ducks and geese with his Dad:

And here is the oft forgotten member of our family begging for just the teensiest bit of attention.

Poor Watson.

Embrace the Camera.

I try to post every day, but this week I haven’t quite made it. Thank goodness for Embrace the Camera.



Usually I use this as an assignment to get a photo of myself into my blog. I’m usually the one behind the camera, but today is a Dash and Daddy day.

When Zach got home from work last night he snuggled up with Dash to look at some books we had picked up at the library.

They rock and read books almost every night before Dash goes to bed. Now that the daylight outlasts Dash’s wakefulness it is getting harder to put him to bed so early. I want to keep him up so we can enjoy more time together as a family during the week. But I’m not messing with the sleep situation. All that made this little moment so sweet.

Another note on flavors…

You know how Dash has been tasting all kinds of new flavors for the first time? It seems like one of his emerging favorites is the taste of my skin after a run. Like a deer to a salt lick, he was drawn to the salt dried on my cheek after my run yesterday. I picked him up for a hug when I got back and got several slobbery slurps.

I don’t think salt is a recommended seasoning for baby food, but maybe if it comes straight from mom it is OK. Plus those slobbery kisses make finishing a run even sweeter for me.

A budding foodie.

In his nearly seven months of life I have made all of Dash’s food, either with the help of mother nature or with the help of the Beaba baby food maker.

Making baby food is much easier than I anticipated and it seems extremely generous to call it “making food.” All I do is steam up fruits or vegetables,

puree them,

freeze them in little cubes,

and then label them and bag them all up.


Dash will only be eating pureed food for a short time in his life. Next he will gain better use of his hands. He will get teeth. And then he will move onto “human food” if only in tiny pieces.

But for now each mealtime is a small adventure in tasting mushed up flavors for the first time.

He is experiencing all the new textures, tastes, and scents of food. He is learning about a spoon, a bowl, and yesterday, for the first time,  he used his fingers to pick some food off his tray and put it in his mouth.


He expresses his exploration on his face – a frown at the choppy texture of green beans and an eyebrow lift for the sweetness of pears – and I get to watch it all. In fact I get to lead the whole adventure. But lest I think I am in control enough to take photos during a mealtime, Dash has a way of bringing me back to reality.

Mom on the run.

If you see this type of situation coming toward you on the sidewalk:

move away quickly. Seriously, a mom jogging with a stroller and a labradoodle has no control and you will just be  roadkill. At least if it’s this mom.

Speaking of roadkill:

Really, Watson? Really? You are going to terrorize three people at the post office then snag this flattened squirrel all in one outing?

Back before I found out I was pregnant I was planning on training for and running my first half marathon. Once I finished my postpartum 21-day streak I decided I would start training for that goal again. So now…I am currently training for the Lincoln Half Marathon! Any excuse to get back home, I guess. I’ll even run 13.1 miles to get back to Nebraska if I have to.

This week I completed my first 9.5 mile run and it was great. Mainly because I didn’t have to wrangle thing 1 and thing 2 while running.

I have lots of support in my goal, but sometimes to get in a run I need to take the two smallest, drooliest members of my family with me. Dash usually does great, but Watson is another story entirely. Hence the roadkill.

But you do what you gotta do.