Weekend plans.

While I am off running a half marathon Dash will be getting some grandparent time. They will be doing what grandparents and grandsons do best:

hanging out,

reading books,


and of course growling at the cat.


What’s up with us.

I have been sporadic with my blogging the last few weeks and my only excuses are as follows:

~buying a new home

~selling a current home

~training for a half marathon

~keeping up with an 8-month old

~keeping a house clean for showings while packing and cleaning up after an 8-month old

I know, I know you don’t want to hear excuses, you just want to see pictures of the kid.

So here they are. Zach’s life is busy too so we try to keep life really calm and easy for him when he gets home. You know, have his favorite spot of the couch warmed up with a cold beer waiting and his son fed, cleaned, and quiet.

If we do ask him to do anything it is super easy stuff like giving the baby a bath.

(Please note the white-capped waves in the sink.)  Dash, unlike his name, is a very slow-moving child who is not in a hurry to do anything.

(Please note the water shooting out of the sink and the three hands trying to hold and bath him.) Super peaceful. Just like our lives.

More Easter goodness.

Here are a few shots of our Easter:

It was a pretty calm first Easter for Dash. No Easter egg hunts, no traveling, no kids hopped up on sugar. He had two normal nap times and was in bed on time. It is nice to be able to keep his schedule pretty regular on holidays when he is little. Next year will be a whole different story!

Did I mention he growls?

He growls. He bites. And he is not the dog.

Dash still has no teeth, but it has not stopped him from chomping on my shoulders, arms, and legs. Well now that the bottom two teeth have popped through his gums he thankfully has eased up on the chomping. But not the growling. There is a “hello” growl, a “look daddy’s home” growl, and a general conversational growl. You know, the babbling most babies do while exploring language? Well just replace that with growls and you know what it is like to spend a day with Dash.

His newest sound is a high-pitched scream. Lovely.

(photos courtesy of Zach.)

Check him out:

Running Report: 6 days to the half marathon.

My first half marathon is in less than a week! I have run 221 miles – plus another 5 today – and I’m as ready as I can be.  As part of my training I have run in two races – Brew to Brew and last weekend the Trolley Run.

Brew to Brew is not your typical race experience so I was so glad when my running buddy invited me to run with her in the Trolley Run to practice with those race day conditions.

Now I just have a few more easy runs this week and a family road trip to Omaha/Lincoln to plan. Besides running my first half marathon this weekend I am also going to spend a night away from my 8-month-old for the first time. Yikes. With the early start to the race it seemed better to leave Dash in Omaha with his grandparents. Yikes! It won’t really be the relaxing night away I imagined we would take at some point with the early morning start and pre-race jitters, but now that Dash sleeps through the night we aren’t so much in need of a sleep break.

Anyway, looking forward to my half marathon debut!

8 months old!

Dash is eight months old this week and we have lots to report.

First off, our big boy has decided that pacifiers are for babies. At about seven months he quit taking one at naps and then at bedtime. Before baby, I was pretty sure I would take away the pacifier at 6 months. When Dash arrived and was never that interested in pacifiers we as parents turned against everything we believed in and tried sticking Soothies, MAMs, and Nuks in his mouth until one of them stuck. But now every one of them is packed away. Except recently we realized that Soothies are good for…cutting teeth!

Dash is officially teething. His bottom two teeth have popped through his gums and are slowly working their way out. He is handling it well. He keeps pursing his lips like his is holding something on the tip of his tongue. Several times I have swiped a finger through his mouth to make sure that he hasn’t popped some speck of dirt in there. I haven’t found any dirt, just the bumpy edge of two little teeth.

Other firsts this month:  Swim lessons. Dash finished his month of classes yesterday. He was the youngest member in his swim class, but he splashed, kicked, and gulped water just like the older babies. He and his itty-bitty swim trunks are ready for summer.

On the mobility front Dash is crawling right along. He is pulling up on everything including Watson and we have begun to practice safely crawling up stairs.

His menu now includes pumpkin and prunes. He has gone through almost all the stage one foods and starting next week we will add a third meal to his day. He is starting to feed himself with his hands and uses the spoon a little. It is a very messy process, but it is fun. Luckily the weather is warming up so that he can eat most of his meals shirtless.

And then there are the sounds he makes. Oh the sounds. He has graduated from grunts to growls. He does have a word that sounds a little like mom, but otherwise he communicates in growls. He has scared my mom’s cat and even startled Watson a few times. I’m not sure if growling back at him teaches him about conversation, but what choice do we have?

And lastly, the sleeping. Our little, sleepless infant has become an eight-month-old who naps around three hours a day and sleeps…nearly 12 hours a night. It is incredible and we are all living a brand new life.