You say goodbye, Dash says hello.

I read recently that between 7-9 months most babies gain the ability to wave bye-bye. Shoot. My kid has it all wrong. He only knows how to wave “hello!”

My mom came down to visit/help me get our house spiffied up for showing – more on that later – and almost immediately Dash started waving hello every time he saw her. If he left the room and then came back he would wave his arm at his grandma. I would chalk this up to the pats or arm flapping he does when he gets excited, but he did it consistently and with such a look of purpose on his face that I think he really was offering a greeting. Dash also waved hello to his dad when he came home from work and to our realtor when she came over to the house. Here he is waving to my mom’s dog:

It’s serious business. It is always fun to see his new skills, but he gets major points for pulling this one out when a grandparent was visiting.  Little though he may be, he understands who he should be buttering up.

It maybe makes sense that he would be working on his polite introductions because our 2 1/2 year old neighbor has been teaching him manners from the beginning by shaking Dash’s tiny hand and saying, “Nice to meet you!”

This is as hilarious as it sounds to us grown ups, but for the littles it is, again, serious business.

Now that Dash is crawling and knows how to properly greet people and introduce himself he may have all the tools he needs to strike out on his own. People did tell us that kids grown up fast. At least he can’t say goodbye yet. Maybe he will stick around at least until he has that one down.

Back to the house spiffying. We are working on putting our house on the market. You may have noticed the pictures of our place up on flickr. My mom came down to play with Dash freeing me up to put the house in show condition. We’ll see how it goes…


One thought on “You say goodbye, Dash says hello.

  1. Hey lady! I’m so glad you left a comment! I didn’t know you were a blogger…Now I can blog stalk you!! And How do you know the Ingrams? Small World!

    I love that Dash is waving…Isn’t that so cute?!

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