The book corner.

Dash is a sweet boy. He likes spending time with him mommy. As in some days he likes to be in my arms from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. If I dare to put him on the ground to play with some toys on his own he lets out a wail before his puffy diaper tush fully hits the ground. But my seven-month-old is growing up. We made a little toy corner for him behind the couch. I put him down there the other day and he sat there for quite awhile entertaining himself.

Of course me and my baby-less hip took the alone time opportunity to sneak around and take photos of him. (Maybe it isn’t Dash who has separation anxiety.)

After playing quietly with his toys he took notice of the books on the shelf for the first time.

Quite a look, eh? “Look at what I found, Mom. What do you think about that?”

Every day is an exploration for Dash. There are new things to crawl to and over, and lots of things to chomp on. I forget how these regular household items are  completely new to him.

What might look like orneriness turns out to sometimes be my sweet little guy just checking in with his mom about all the newness around him.


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