The last day.

I made it! A whole week of blog posts. Thank you; I’m impressed too.

Now I have some bad news. We will be without internet for the next week as we move to the new house. We have a week gap in service because with the holiday weekend AT&T was booked up until next Saturday. We looked into some temporary service by renting a hot spot, but it just didn’t seem necessary.

Zach and I both basically grew up without televisions so we really should be able to handle a week of no TV or internet. Zach didn’t have a TV in his house until they moved to Kansas when he was 11 and I grew up with a black and white set that we kept in the pantry that I could pull out and plug in to watch Saturday morning cartoons. And in reality Zach will have access to the internet all day long at work and his smart phone, I will have my iPhone with access to my email and the internet, and we will able to watch movies so it isn’t a true unplugging. We still will probably increase our life expectancy by a couple of years by reducing our screen time for seven days.

Anyhow, I don’t think I will be blogging from my phone. Perhaps I will visit a coffee shop for some internet access some evening next week, or maybe we can “borrow” it from some neighbors, but maybe without any distractions I will get the whole house put together and ready to show off by the time I am back online!

So here you are, one last dose of Dash before the drought.

Popping the bubble wrap.

With his bud, Teddy.

Not happy about being able to stand up in his crib.

Trying on a hat my grandma brought me from Ireland when I was little.


Love is a battlefield.

Yesterday afternoon Dash and I spent our first tornado together in the basement. Tornadoes are in season around here, but after what happened in Joplin and now having a baby, this bad weather stuff is a quite a bit scarier.

We took down water, snacks, blankets, toys, and the weather radio and Watson brought down a bone to calm his nerves. Seems like we may have a break from tornado weather for the rest of the week which would be great. Sometimes just spending a normal day with Dash is stressful.

Now that he is starting to feed himself I don’t have much to do but watch every bite and anticipate a choking hazard. Stressful. And mealtimes which were already proceeding at a leisurely pace have become irrationally long. He has gone done for his afternoon nap about a half an hour late the last two days because of a lunch that took more time than I could have ever imagined.

Taking care of Dash is like wrestling an egg. A wriggling, hair pulling, fragile egg.  I can’t seem to make it through a diaper change or nursing without getting my hair yanked or getting slapped and am constantly saving him the instant before he crashes to the floor from the changing table, couch, or Watson’s water dish. (Seriously he is in that thing 52 times a day.)

God makes their bones and skulls pliable to dull some of the impact of all those crashes I guess. He is getting better with his fine motor skills and I am looking forward to the day that he can use his hands instead of his face to catch his falls.

I’m sure he is excited about that too. Poor guy. I think he even has a bruise on the chubby part of his cheek today. I have a scratch across my nose from a sharp little nail and Watson has had enough hair ripped out to make him flinch when he hears the rustling of a crawling, diapered baby. A wrestling match, seriously. It is mentally exhausting rescuing someone from emergency room level trauma over and over each day. I exaggerate, but Dash, Watson, and I all breathe a sigh of relief when we make it to a nap time.

Nine months old!

The day has come, Dash is 9 months old!

So much has changed. We went to the doctor yesterday for his check up and found out that he is in the 8th percentile for weight, 25th for height, and 50th for head. I thought he might hit a big growth spurt when he started eating three meals a day plus four nursings, but he is still a small guy – 17.2 pounds. It’s funny how different kids grow, but he is doing great. The best improvement from our last visit is, well the fact that he sleeps! Last time we talked to the doctor we hadn’t slept in 6 months. This time sleeplessness was a distant memory.

As for Dash’s other advances, he is crawling like a wind up doll, pulling up, going up stairs, and sitting and standing in his crib. He will walk a little when we hold his hands, but would prefer to crawl. He also pulls up on my pant legs, the dishwasher, and Watson’s raised water bowl. All of these are not the most stable choices.

Another big change is eating. He is now feeding himself most of his meals. We are transitioning him from purees to all small bits of food which he is handling much better than us Zach. Dash and I are enjoying the change, but Zach is having a hard time watching the baby turn into a big boy. Dash can now pick up Cheerios, black beans, blueberries, pieces of green beans, bread, cheese, and mashed potatoes. I still have been spoon feeding oatmeal, applesauce, and other fruit purees. He loves picking up food. He has this habit of putting his hand up after he eats a bite as if to say, “Mamma mia, that’s-a spicy meat ball-a!”

And, finally, we have language. He is babbling! He had the one sound he picked up from the night with my parents. And then in the last few days his growls have turned into “mamas,” “dadas,” “babas,” and the like. He talks a lot while he is in his high chair waiting for his meals.

Along with his verbal explosion Dash has learned to click his tongue. He crawls along, clicking away and he loves when you click back at him.  He also makes this noise:

I don’t know what to call that, but now he can do it himself. He sticks his forearm in his mouth and says “ahh.” And my favorite verbal advancement is his question noise. He will say “uh?” Like he is asking me a question about something he sees. I love it.

And lastly I will leave you with a list of his favorites: Gerber banana puffs, going to the library with his grandma, his teddy bear, hearing his dad come home, when you pick him up and put him on top of your head (I don’t know, Grandma Leah discovered it and it is the only thing we have ever found that consistently makes him laugh so of course we do it all the time), Peekaboo flap books, splashing in Watson’s water dish, and eating newspaper. The last two I try to limit for safety reasons, but you just don’t always get what you want hence several magazines and pieces of mail with holes in them.

Working on walking.

Dash is so far unsatisfied with just crawling. Somehow I thought that he would be content to motor around on his knees for awhile, but apparently that goes against his nature.

We got him a little music table so he would have something safe to pull up on and then something to play with when he got up there.

He is really enjoying it and I am enjoying watching him stand up there. He has had a few tumbles, but it is amazing how quickly he learns how to bend his knees or sit on his bum after I show him how to do that instead of falling onto his head.

He is getting more and more interested in walking with our help, but still, thankfully, if he wants to get somewhere quickly he prefers to crawl.

Our pre-toddler days are numbered!

Today is Dash’s 9 month appointment so tomorrow I will be able to update his stats.

iPhone photo dump.

Last week of May resolution: TO BLOG MORE.

I can keep saying that I am too busy with the upcoming move, but let me be honest for a moment; my kid goes to sleep at 6:45 p.m. and we usually do not hear a peep from him for 12 hours. And he takes two naps a day. (While I type this though he is inexplicably screaming during a time he should be fast asleep…ok back to sleep.) I have time to record a few thoughts and post a few pictures.

Anyway, I will start this week off with some iPhone images from last week.


Watson learned how to dislocate his shoulders and wedge himself under the high chair in order to lick up smashed peas and other mashed delectables.

You should have seen him try to get out from under there. One plus, the splat mat keeps my floor clean and Watson keeps the splat mat clean. It’s like a vacuum to clean your vacuum.


I made a Hungry Girl pineapple upside down cake because I had it at a party and it was delicious.


This guy decided to skip both his naps and instead practice on standing up in his crib, in his sleep sack. As a result he was unable to sit upright on our shopping trip later in the day and had to rest his head on his Teddy while holding my coupon caddy.


We packed. And packed. I tossed toys into this box to get Dash to crawl in over and over. The least helpful thing he learned to do? Pull tape off the boxes. Oh, so very annoying.


One of our last few visits to our local park. I know there will be swings near our new house and I’m sure we will be back to this park to visit friends, but the closeness of our move is setting in and making me feel nostalgia for everything.


We had a busy morning having fun before Zach went off to a golf tournament. Dash, who has recently found success in picking up small bits of food and cramming them in or around in mouth, practiced dropping Cheerios all over the floor of a restaurant.

Later, Zach forcefully borrowed our two-year-old neighbor’s motorized tractor to give Dash the ride of his young life. Our neighbor, who is a great sport, had no hard feelings and to show this told Zach he had “pee pee in his pants” which left Zach speechless. Thank goodness we don’t have to potty train yet.


I went to an exhibit of Princess Diana’s dresses including her wedding dress with my friend while Zach and her husband taught Zach about sitting around and watching golf on Sunday afternoons.

The we took another “one of the last” visits to the other park near our house.

Day one done. Four days of blogging to go and then…the move!

Few and far between.

The big move is getting closer and closer and blogging seems to have taken a backseat to packing. Most of our days are focused on that, but I do have an update on my knee. I went to one PT appointment and I have one stretch to do now which seems to be helping. I have run a few times and am not back to 100% but I think I am getting there. Now I just need to have a race to train for once we are settled in our new place. Luckily since my last post Dash has become a much bigger help with moving. the other day he put on his coveralls and got to work.

I stepped into the kitchen to get something and came back to find him wedged in between the boxes. I pile boxes by the front door with the idea that Zach will take them out to the garage when he gets home. Dash seemed to be sizing the boxes up, estimating the weight before he began his task of moving the boxes himself.

“Let’s see, this one seems to be about the same size as me so I’m going to have to reevaluate this strategy.”

We have a moving company booked, but I don’t know, Dash is pretty serious.

He seems to get really up close and personal with his task; using all his senses to assess the amount of work he has to do.

His hands maybe be small, but his spirit is mighty.

“Why does my mom pack so much in one box!!”

On second thought, I think we will leave the moving to the professionals because all though he is serious and looks the part he is slow.

(Wardrobe courtesy of Dash’s great grandma. This may become my new favorite outfit of his, following the tie dye getup.)

Making a new home.

We are about a week and a half out from our move. Lots of things have to happen before we can get that done. We’ve booked a moving company, we’ve made plans for grandparents to come watch Dash, and we’ve been packing boxes. And then stashing boxes neatly away so people can still come in and see our house.

Dash is not much help with the packing and cleaning at this point, but I thought we could team up on picking out some colors for our new kitchen and dining room.

I have a stash of paint samples that I keep for inspiration. I have an idea of what I want for our new living and eating areas, but I thought maybe Dash would have some good insight.

I’m thinking blues and yellows, but he went straight for that one hot pink sample. I’m not sure why that one is even in my stash, but I think he is just trying to be a trouble maker.

Turns out his number one goal was to crawl into a stack of samples, flop onto his tummy, and wave his arms like he was making a snow angel which sent the little cards flying across the floor.

So I’m still thinking blues and yellows and I’m learning not to rely on my son’s taste in paint colors.