Growing boy.

Our boy is getting bigger.

And more agile.  Thanks to the video monitor I caught Dash discovering he could pull up on his crib. Time to lower the mattress.

Now we just have to protect that top railing from his busy, budding teeth.

Mobility and getting away are the topics dominating this little guy’s brain these days. He has also discovered my shoelaces which is part of his plan to get away from me; by untying my shoelaces while I’m not looking.

Or while I am looking he does this:

It’s going to be a busy weekend!


One thought on “Growing boy.

  1. Abby started doing the same thing…chewing on her crib rails. I took the bumpers, which I was too afraid to use when she was little, and tired them around the top. It seems to be working. That is until she figures out how to untie them due to her obsession with all things stringy like laces! Our babies need to meet. I think they are kindred spirits. 🙂

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