Making a new home.

We are about a week and a half out from our move. Lots of things have to happen before we can get that done. We’ve booked a moving company, we’ve made plans for grandparents to come watch Dash, and we’ve been packing boxes. And then stashing boxes neatly away so people can still come in and see our house.

Dash is not much help with the packing and cleaning at this point, but I thought we could team up on picking out some colors for our new kitchen and dining room.

I have a stash of paint samples that I keep for inspiration. I have an idea of what I want for our new living and eating areas, but I thought maybe Dash would have some good insight.

I’m thinking blues and yellows, but he went straight for that one hot pink sample. I’m not sure why that one is even in my stash, but I think he is just trying to be a trouble maker.

Turns out his number one goal was to crawl into a stack of samples, flop onto his tummy, and wave his arms like he was making a snow angel which sent the little cards flying across the floor.

So I’m still thinking blues and yellows and I’m learning not to rely on my son’s taste in paint colors.


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