Few and far between.

The big move is getting closer and closer and blogging seems to have taken a backseat to packing. Most of our days are focused on that, but I do have an update on my knee. I went to one PT appointment and I have one stretch to do now which seems to be helping. I have run a few times and am not back to 100% but I think I am getting there. Now I just need to have a race to train for once we are settled in our new place. Luckily since my last post Dash has become a much bigger help with moving. the other day he put on his coveralls and got to work.

I stepped into the kitchen to get something and came back to find him wedged in between the boxes. I pile boxes by the front door with the idea that Zach will take them out to the garage when he gets home. Dash seemed to be sizing the boxes up, estimating the weight before he began his task of moving the boxes himself.

“Let’s see, this one seems to be about the same size as me so I’m going to have to reevaluate this strategy.”

We have a moving company booked, but I don’t know, Dash is pretty serious.

He seems to get really up close and personal with his task; using all his senses to assess the amount of work he has to do.

His hands maybe be small, but his spirit is mighty.

“Why does my mom pack so much in one box!!”

On second thought, I think we will leave the moving to the professionals because all though he is serious and looks the part he is slow.

(Wardrobe courtesy of Dash’s great grandma. This may become my new favorite outfit of his, following the tie dye getup.)


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