Nine months old!

The day has come, Dash is 9 months old!

So much has changed. We went to the doctor yesterday for his check up and found out that he is in the 8th percentile for weight, 25th for height, and 50th for head. I thought he might hit a big growth spurt when he started eating three meals a day plus four nursings, but he is still a small guy – 17.2 pounds. It’s funny how different kids grow, but he is doing great. The best improvement from our last visit is, well the fact that he sleeps! Last time we talked to the doctor we hadn’t slept in 6 months. This time sleeplessness was a distant memory.

As for Dash’s other advances, he is crawling like a wind up doll, pulling up, going up stairs, and sitting and standing in his crib. He will walk a little when we hold his hands, but would prefer to crawl. He also pulls up on my pant legs, the dishwasher, and Watson’s raised water bowl. All of these are not the most stable choices.

Another big change is eating. He is now feeding himself most of his meals. We are transitioning him from purees to all small bits of food which he is handling much better than us Zach. Dash and I are enjoying the change, but Zach is having a hard time watching the baby turn into a big boy. Dash can now pick up Cheerios, black beans, blueberries, pieces of green beans, bread, cheese, and mashed potatoes. I still have been spoon feeding oatmeal, applesauce, and other fruit purees. He loves picking up food. He has this habit of putting his hand up after he eats a bite as if to say, “Mamma mia, that’s-a spicy meat ball-a!”

And, finally, we have language. He is babbling! He had the one sound he picked up from the night with my parents. And then in the last few days his growls have turned into “mamas,” “dadas,” “babas,” and the like. He talks a lot while he is in his high chair waiting for his meals.

Along with his verbal explosion Dash has learned to click his tongue. He crawls along, clicking away and he loves when you click back at him.  He also makes this noise:

I don’t know what to call that, but now he can do it himself. He sticks his forearm in his mouth and says “ahh.” And my favorite verbal advancement is his question noise. He will say “uh?” Like he is asking me a question about something he sees. I love it.

And lastly I will leave you with a list of his favorites: Gerber banana puffs, going to the library with his grandma, his teddy bear, hearing his dad come home, when you pick him up and put him on top of your head (I don’t know, Grandma Leah discovered it and it is the only thing we have ever found that consistently makes him laugh so of course we do it all the time), Peekaboo flap books, splashing in Watson’s water dish, and eating newspaper. The last two I try to limit for safety reasons, but you just don’t always get what you want hence several magazines and pieces of mail with holes in them.


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