The last day.

I made it! A whole week of blog posts. Thank you; I’m impressed too.

Now I have some bad news. We will be without internet for the next week as we move to the new house. We have a week gap in service because with the holiday weekend AT&T was booked up until next Saturday. We looked into some temporary service by renting a hot spot, but it just didn’t seem necessary.

Zach and I both basically grew up without televisions so we really should be able to handle a week of no TV or internet. Zach didn’t have a TV in his house until they moved to Kansas when he was 11 and I grew up with a black and white set that we kept in the pantry that I could pull out and plug in to watch Saturday morning cartoons. And in reality Zach will have access to the internet all day long at work and his smart phone, I will have my iPhone with access to my email and the internet, and we will able to watch movies so it isn’t a true unplugging. We still will probably increase our life expectancy by a couple of years by reducing our screen time for seven days.

Anyhow, I don’t think I will be blogging from my phone. Perhaps I will visit a coffee shop for some internet access some evening next week, or maybe we can “borrow” it from some neighbors, but maybe without any distractions I will get the whole house put together and ready to show off by the time I am back online!

So here you are, one last dose of Dash before the drought.

Popping the bubble wrap.

With his bud, Teddy.

Not happy about being able to stand up in his crib.

Trying on a hat my grandma brought me from Ireland when I was little.


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