Home improvements.

When we first looked at our new house Zach envisioned how great the kitchen and family room would be if we just took out this half wall in between. The wood paneling and the spindly bars kept the house stuck in the ’70s.

The wall moments before coming down.

I couldn’t imagine how the house would look, but Zach had the vision and we agreed to go forward with this minor home improvement project as soon as we moved in.

Making quick work of the wall.

Two and a half days and two guys with hammers brought our new house into this decade.

Now Dash has nowhere to hide.

The only other minor changes we have made to the new house  so far are to paint the dining room, the kitchen, and the bookshelves in the family room.

From red to light blue.

From navy blue to yellow.

With these few changes the house has really started to become our home.


Goodnight kisses from Scotland.

While Zach is in Scotland our communication is not frequent, but it isn’t too bad. We can text, I can email him photos of Dash, and, thanks to his friend Brian and his iPhone 4, we can skype. On day 3 and 4 of Zach’s trip he got to watch Dash eat his dinner. This is fun because it is usually the time of day Zach gets home for work. Dash has been having a rough couple of days partly because he is still working on those 4 top teeth and I think partly because he misses his dad. I hadn’t thought about it, but of course he notices that his dad is gone. Yesterday Zach sent us a few photos of his trip.

The golfing group.

Standing in a bunker.

Dash enjoyed the photos too. We looked and looked and pointed to dada.

Anyway, we are hanging in there and having outings with friends and now that she is back in town, Grandma Leah to keep us busy. We are halfway through the trip and it will be fantastic to have Zach back home.

Here’s one from Zach’s last night at home:

Week two here we come…

Dash’s Pit Crew.

As of today we are on Day 3 of our time without Zach. So far we are doing good with only a few minor mishaps.

Day 1: I decided to go for a run first thing in the morning  and we literally ran until the wheel fell off. Between struggling with Watson, and alternatively pushing the stroller up the gigantic hills of Lenexa and trying to hold onto it as I careen down the down hills, the front wheel of the BOB popped right off. Thankfully we were running on the trails near our house, not on the street so I just pulled over and screwed the wheel back on. Zach and I joke during joint diaper changes that we are Dash’s pit crew. As he sat in he vehicle waiting for a quick tire change before we got back to speeding along I truly felt like part of his pit crew.

Then for dinner I fed him hummus. Beans, garlic, great baby food. No, not great baby food. Tahini, sesame seed, allergen causing his face to puff up and break out in red blotches. After a phone call with a triage nurse at Children’s Mercy I decided he was ok because I could still see his eyes and he didn’t have trouble breathing, but I sat on the couch until midnight watching the monitor for signs of distress. Thankfully my friend Jo was over for part of the time and helped me stay calm.

Day 2/Day 14 of afternoon nap foolishness: We had some friends over for a play date which was fun for both of us. Dash and I then continued to fiddle with the time he went down for his afternoon nap with no success. The crabby sleep-deprived baby and I went to the mall for more human contact and found plenty. We played in the children’s play area for the first time. Dash laughed and chased the three four-year-olds inside until he was exhausted. The kids were so cute with him. One boy had a little brother on the way and the other two had a brand new baby sister so they all loved Dash. Then we had dinner at Panera and as we waited to order the family of six children mobbed his stroller. They came up and petted his arms, held his hands, and cooed at him like he was the most precious baby they had ever seen. It was so sweet. I think those kids were used to little babies and so they were gentle with him. Even the youngest who was probably only 6 months older than Dash was gentle as he poked him in the arm.

Later Dash impersonated a screech owl attacking a field mouse. Watson was the unwitting field mouse:

We got to Skype with Zach after the nap foolishness too which was great. When Zach hung up Dash said “dada.”

We miss “dada,” but we are doing our best to have some great Dash and “mama” time.

10 months old!

We are rounding third and heading home, folks. This baby is almost a one-year-old!

Dash seems to be enjoying life as a 10 month old. I’ve said it before, but I swear he waits until his month birthday to pull out some new skill. Thankfully, this month he did not begin walking. I have been a little fearful that he would be like his father and start walking, but so far his is satisfied to crawl and climb.

His biggest update: He started saying “dada” Father’s Day weekend. He says is all day long now and will repeat it if you say it to him. It is fun to hear him experimenting with sounds, pitches, and of course, volumes. He also now yells at the top of his lungs. Sometimes when he is upset, but mostly when he is having a great time. Like say listening to story time in the library. I’m working with him on developing some lower volumes, but so far no luck.

What else…he is eating all kinds of things and has started sharing with us. He will pick up a piece of food, offer it to me, I will pretend to eat it, and then he laughs and does it again. He also has started to feed Watson while in his high chair. Oh dear. He puts out his hand to let Watson lick off whatever is on there and he giggles and giggles. I tell them both no, but we all know how that is working for us. Side note, I am trying to add a frown to my no-nos to see how that strikes him.

Sleeping. He still takes a great morning nap, but since those four new teeth started coming in a few weeks ago he has not taken an afternoon. Or he plays for an hour then falls asleep for about half an hour. We’re experimenting with some time small time adjustments because he is not a well rested boy with the current situation.

He is loving our new house. The big family room and basement give him great spaces to play in. His favorite part I think are the windows. Throughout the house there are floor to ceiling windows so he can easily pull up and look out.

It’s been a busy month for us and now we are starting to think about his first birthday and having a fun, fun party!

Far and sure.

Zach is off to Scotland today. That is right, Scotland. He and seven other guys are taking “the trip of a lifetime” to the birthplace of golf to play as many rounds as they can in 10 days.

We were up late getting him all ready to go and will have lunch with him today before his flight leaves. It will be a lonely time for me and the little man, but I truly hope Zach has a great trip. I went to Scotland when I was in middle school and have actually been to the old course so it really is time for Zach to catch up with me.

Hit ’em far and sure, Zach!


Father’s Day Memento.

I forgot to mention that in honor of his dear old dad, Dash started saying “dada” this weekend. He is still just babbling, not referring to Zach, but he hasn’t strung together the “da” sound before now and it is so fun to hear him doing it. And of course it just melted his dada’s heart.

Father’s Day #1.

Yesterday we celebrated Zach’s first official Father’s Day. He started the day with an early 9 holes. When he got home we went out to brunch and then to Peach Wave for some 50% yogurt for dad. At brunch Zach and Dash played some kind of hilarious game.

Dads always know the best games.

After Dash’s afternoon nap we all went back to the club for Zach to hit some balls on the range and Dash and I swam a few laps in the pool.

The bear crawl to the water.

It was a pretty fantastic summer day spent together celebrating Dash’s fantastic dad!