I spent $143 on wipes.

At our new house we are much closer to Costco than we used to be. About the time Dash arrived we let our membership lapse because I couldn’t fathom driving all the way to Costco, having a whole trip around the store, stand in line and then get back home in time for the next feeding or nap. And I also thought we were spending an extra $100 a month on a lot of something, but not saving on anything.

But now we are just too close not to have a membership and I am finally out of the 1800+ Costco wipes I got as baby shower gifts. Dash and I headed over the other afternoon to get our card and pick up some wipes. In and out with maybe a quick look around to see what we could see. Dash had his game face on:

Cool enough for the both of us. He really got the ladies at the customer service desk laughing.

“Let’s do this, Mom, and get on with our day,” his face seemed to say. But then I looked through the coupon book, drove down every single outdoor goods and toys aisle, and ended up looking at adorable little rompers in the clothing section – still nowhere near the wipes.

Me: “Oh, Dash, look at this one. Isn’t this little romper just so cute?” (Seriously, I said this to him out loud in the store.)

“I do not know this lady,” his face seemed to say. “And if I did I would not wear whatever it is she thinks is so cute.”

Finally we made it through, meat, produce, beverages, and over to the wipes were I also threw in a box of 952 diapers in the size bigger than he currently wears. Because there was, of course, a coupon so it would have been just like burning money if I didn’t.

By the time the cashier rung up my $20 box of 900 baby wipes I had managed to spend $143 plus the $50 membership fee. Hmmm….I can just feel the savings.


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