10 months old!

We are rounding third and heading home, folks. This baby is almost a one-year-old!

Dash seems to be enjoying life as a 10 month old. I’ve said it before, but I swear he waits until his month birthday to pull out some new skill. Thankfully, this month he did not begin walking. I have been a little fearful that he would be like his father and start walking, but so far his is satisfied to crawl and climb.

His biggest update: He started saying “dada” Father’s Day weekend. He says is all day long now and will repeat it if you say it to him. It is fun to hear him experimenting with sounds, pitches, and of course, volumes. He also now yells at the top of his lungs. Sometimes when he is upset, but mostly when he is having a great time. Like say listening to story time in the library. I’m working with him on developing some lower volumes, but so far no luck.

What else…he is eating all kinds of things and has started sharing with us. He will pick up a piece of food, offer it to me, I will pretend to eat it, and then he laughs and does it again. He also has started to feed Watson while in his high chair. Oh dear. He puts out his hand to let Watson lick off whatever is on there and he giggles and giggles. I tell them both no, but we all know how that is working for us. Side note, I am trying to add a frown to my no-nos to see how that strikes him.

Sleeping. He still takes a great morning nap, but since those four new teeth started coming in a few weeks ago he has not taken an afternoon. Or he plays for an hour then falls asleep for about half an hour. We’re experimenting with some time small time adjustments because he is not a well rested boy with the current situation.

He is loving our new house. The big family room and basement give him great spaces to play in. His favorite part I think are the windows. Throughout the house there are floor to ceiling windows so he can easily pull up and look out.

It’s been a busy month for us and now we are starting to think about his first birthday and having a fun, fun party!


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