Goodnight kisses from Scotland.

While Zach is in Scotland our communication is not frequent, but it isn’t too bad. We can text, I can email him photos of Dash, and, thanks to his friend Brian and his iPhone 4, we can skype. On day 3 and 4 of Zach’s trip he got to watch Dash eat his dinner. This is fun because it is usually the time of day Zach gets home for work. Dash has been having a rough couple of days partly because he is still working on those 4 top teeth and I think partly because he misses his dad. I hadn’t thought about it, but of course he notices that his dad is gone. Yesterday Zach sent us a few photos of his trip.

The golfing group.

Standing in a bunker.

Dash enjoyed the photos too. We looked and looked and pointed to dada.

Anyway, we are hanging in there and having outings with friends and now that she is back in town, Grandma Leah to keep us busy. We are halfway through the trip and it will be fantastic to have Zach back home.

Here’s one from Zach’s last night at home:

Week two here we come…


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