Thinking of Dash while he naps.

One year ago today…

I was walking along with Zach on the golf course with a stomach too large for maternity tops and a grimace that said I was ready to have my body back to myself.

One year later…

My body is back to supporting life for one, but this guy has taken hold of my heart and my mind in a way I could never have imagined. He has given our lives a fullness and a longing all at once. Our life with Dash feels complete in a way it never did before. And it feels fleeting and fragile in a way that makes me long for time with him even as I spend each day with him. I cherish the daily moments with him and look forward to all the future time with him while hoping that the future doesn’t arrive too fast.

With a few weeks left in his first year I am thankful for all the moments; the challenges and the joys were exactly what I needed, but never what I would have designed. I’m thankful that choosing this boy wasn’t up to me and forever grateful that he is our son.


We don’t live in the boonies but our Internet service does

You aren’t going to believe me, but it’s true. I haven’t been blogging because our Internet service is terrible and unreliable. I’m typing this from my iPhone so please forgive any crazy autocorrect mistakes my phone makes and I miss. I have several very cute new photos of Dash, but if I can’t depend on the Internet to hold out long enough for me to type an email there is no way I can trust it to last for the upload of some photos. We used to have the amazing Uverse but now we live TWO house away from being able to have their service. We call every week to see if we can get them to find some solution for us and we are holding our old cable boxes captive until we get what we want – cable and Internet that works like we live in a suburb of KC and not in the muddle of nowhere! I know, I know, many of you would consider a suburb of KC the middle of nowhere. It’s all about perspective.
That’s it for now and seriously if you read something obscene it was autocorrect not me.

11 months!

And here we are. Just one month away from Dash’s first birthday.

Eleven months looks good on him. Here’s what is going on with the little sprout in the last month:

~He got his four top front teeth all at once. Now he is working on two more on the bottom. His mug has changed quite a bit from the gummy grin he had only a few months ago.

~He can use a spoon and a fork fairly well. I spear or scoop the food for him and then he eats using the utensil. We are not sure what hand dominance he is exhibiting because usually what he does is hold the fork in his left hand and pull off the bite of food with his right hand to eat it.

~He is growing quite the baby mullet. His hair is long enough to recreate another hilarious hairstyle – the Donald. And, just like his handedness, his exact hair color is still hard to identify. He looks a lot like a blondie, but there are days when he seems to have strawberry highlights in those blonde tresses.

~He still nurses four times a day, but it is about time for me to start the weaning process. This has been weighing on my heart the last month or so because being able to nurse him at all was such a journey and I can’t believe we are almost to the end. If you have had the pleasure of watching Dash nurse do gymnastics while attached to me lately you would agree that it is just about time for us to move on to sippy cups of milk.

~He started saying “mama.” Yesssssss, is all I have to say about that.

~He loves reading books and will often pull some books off the shelf for us to read first thing in the morning or after he gets up from his afternoon nap.

~He has started to point to things he would like and if I guess the right thing he makes a happy sound and smiles.

~He stands and has taken a shaky step, but even just standing makes him nervous.

~He spends more time babbling when he wakes up in the morning or after a nap. Usually in the morning he babbles a bit, gets up and turns on his lights mobile, and then lays back down to enjoy some time in his crib.


I am enjoying the summer months with this growing boy, but will be glad when it cools down. It was hot last summer when Dash and I were sharing one body, but it seems much hotter this summer. I feel for all the preggos out there this summer.


Birthday practice.

When Zach came home from work yesterday we were waiting with a little birthday celebration surprise for him.

I baked a cake and lit it up with as many candles as I could find.

Dash got in on the action because he has just ONE month before his very own birthday cake experience.

It was a great birthday for Zach, imagining all the future summer birthdays he and Dash will celebrate together.

Birthday Boy.

Happy Birthday the old man in our house!

Twenty-eight years ago today there was a heat wave that kept Zach’s mom and here new baby in the hospital to avoid the oppressive heat.

Five years ago he was working hard down here during the week and coming back to Nebraska on the weekends to help plan our upcoming wedding.

One year ago he was leaving work early to come pick up his rotund wife and sit through yet another night of child-birthing classes.

And this year he has a little clone to hang out with – probably the best birthday yet.

Happy Birthday, Zach!

Heat wave interfering with the brain waves.

I’m blaming it on the heat. I was not built for this weather. Seriously, pregnant or not my body cannot function in this humidity and my mind has melted into a pile of mush. I heard on the radio that because of the excessive heat and humidity the Midwest is actually under a heat dome at this point. That is my excuse for my lack of blogging. The heat dome.

Part of the problem is that I blog about the events in our lives and so when I get behind I feel guilty about getting behind and then don’t want to catch up. It’s a nasty cycle. Maybe I will change my strategy someday, but for now here is what has been going down while it has been too hot to blog.

~I saw the Harry Potter movie.
~Dash can stand, but it makes him giggle nervously.

~Going on runs with Watson even at 8:30 at night has almost given him heat stroke, twice.
~Dash had his first and second visits to Deana Rose Farmstead.

~Dash got to play with four of his eight cousins.

~We babysat for two of the cousins through a simultaneous heat wave, power outage, and rain storm.

~The previous event made Zach fairly convinced one child is enough for our family. I told him it is highly unlikely that we will have a scenario in which we have two five-year-olds and a baby.

~I bought a kitchen table on craig’s list, but it didn’t fit in the car with the baby and car seat so I decided to leave the table and take the baby, and the chairs.

~Zach bought a refrigerator that may not fit in our kitchen, but it will be awesome so we will make it fit.

~Zach left a putter in the kitchen which Dash found and carried all over the house for a whole day.

Other than that we have been hiding in our basement day after day to escape the heat dome.

Housewarming gifts.

When we moved into the new house my parents gave us a housewarming gift, or rather they gave their grandson a housewarming gift.

A train table. Now that we have a big finished basement we have room for a dedicated play area. It is all a bit early for our little guy, but his older friends are enjoying the trains.

Dash mostly does this:

Every miniature town needs a pint-sized Godzilla I guess.

There are so many little pieces, trees, bridges, tracks, and cars. It is exciting to imagine all the fun he will have for years and years to come.