We don’t live in the boonies but our Internet service does

You aren’t going to believe me, but it’s true. I haven’t been blogging because our Internet service is terrible and unreliable. I’m typing this from my iPhone so please forgive any crazy autocorrect mistakes my phone makes and I miss. I have several very cute new photos of Dash, but if I can’t depend on the Internet to hold out long enough for me to type an email there is no way I can trust it to last for the upload of some photos. We used to have the amazing Uverse but now we live TWO house away from being able to have their service. We call every week to see if we can get them to find some solution for us and we are holding our old cable boxes captive until we get what we want – cable and Internet that works like we live in a suburb of KC and not in the muddle of nowhere! I know, I know, many of you would consider a suburb of KC the middle of nowhere. It’s all about perspective.
That’s it for now and seriously if you read something obscene it was autocorrect not me.


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