And he’s off!

It’s good that I have made my return to blogging when I did because this happened last Monday:

That’s right, he walks!

On Labor Day my occupational therapist aunt forced gave Dash some walking help and assessed that he knew how to do he just didn’t want to do it. Her assessment was that he would be stand up and take off when he was ready. Which is pretty much what he did.

I was in the kitchen, turned around and he was walking across the floor. He still prefers to go down to a crawl if he needs to get somewhere fast or turn around, but he tries out the walking everyday.

And here is a little PSA for why you shouldn’t give one-year-olds rice crispies. Or at least one-year-olds who have no patience for pincer grip and prefer to grab fistfuls of everything.

Also if you ever wonder why my child is never quite clean, this is why.


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