iPhone dump.

One good thing about not blogging for a billion years is that you have lots of material to cover. One bad thing is that it can be overwhelming to cover everything and it makes you want to crawl back behind the “too busy too blog” excuse…

Anyway, I will take the easy way out here and give you some updates via the iPhone. The little magic box that is always with me. So much so that my one-year-old understands the concept of swiping. Don’t get too excited, grandparents, it is no marker of his genius. I hear that all the kids are doing it.

Anyway again, here are the photos.

Dash had a first birthday with 42,000 balloons. They are all still inflated and in our house. It’s getting old, except not for Dash. “Ba-oo!!”

Dash had so much fun with all the family who came to visit and celebrate with him. Especially cool cousin Luke.

We enjoyed the last of the summer heat.

We ate frozen yogurt barefoot because that is about the last time it is acceptable to walk into a restaurant barefoot – when you are still being carried everywhere.

Dash learned to stick his tiny, tiny fingers in the the holes in the fountain so as to spray the big kids in the face. Who you callin’ little guy?

Then we utilized some child labor on our weekly trips to the farmer’s market.

Dash and I made a trip up to Omaha to see my BFF’s new baby girl. The road home as literally washed away so these trips are now on a series of twisted highways and very slow. On this 5 1/2 our car trip we found thrilling things like old time-y merry-go-rounds and the outer edges of our patience.

We got to meet baby girl #2! Dash wasn’t really aware of the baby – been there done that. He is more interested in the older kids and what they can teach him. But I got some warm little newborn snuggles in. (Here she is at 3 weeks – I think Hazel is actually flashing a 3 with her right hand. That, or her neurons are randomly firing.)

The BFF and I tried out her new double wide with the two big kids. See what I mean about Dash’s fascination with big kids? Cora is 10 months older than Dash and as far as he is concerned sliced bread is chopped liver compared to her.

Also while in Nebraska Dash got his first Husker’s jersey! Yay for KU and NU being in different conferences! Now Dash can fully celebrate his Midwestern roots. We got a size 2T which he will probably be able to wear until he is 5.

 We got to go out to the lake for Labor Day and see family again. Dash got to play in the sand and hang out with his cousins. Here he is tolerating his cousin Lizzie only because she is closely related to cool cousin Luke. Sorry, Liz. You can try, but you will just never be Luke. 😉

Dash had his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s for his friend Schaefer’s 3rd birthday party. He enjoyed watching his dad play pop-a-shot and his mom whac-a-mole. Then he had a minor meltdown and we headed home.

Dash got his first football and had his first lesson in garage-sale bargain hunting. So far he has gotten this football and a tiny, spotted puppy for free.

I got some glimpses of what it will be like to be a parent to toddler Dash – smashing crickets, tasting worms, and diving head first into fountains. He is curious and thoughtful and by thoughtful I mean he seems to think, “What more could I do to explore this situation fully?”

So now you know a little more about what we have been doing. Or really what me and the magic box have caught Dash doing.


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