On the move for one reason alone.

Now that Dash is walking I’m beginning to think the only reason he stopped crawling is that he realized it was easier to hold a golf club while walking. The child is mine – I was there, I know – but if I didn’t know better I would say he had 100% of his father’s genes.

Here is the back story of Dash’s genetic makeup. Zach picked up golfing sometime between  high school and college. He took his natural athletic ability, applied it to a sport he had no exposure to, and now loves it so much and does it so well that this summer he went to Scotland for a two-week golfing trip and also placed second at a golf tournament at his golf club.

I joined the golf team in high school to get out of a gym requirement sophomore year. (That is right, I took up a rather expensive sport my freshman which met for practice everyday after school for four years to get out of sweating during the school day for one year.) My shining moments were managing to pitch a teammate out of a moving golf cart (which I was of course driving) and chipping a ball into another teammates hip so hard it left a bruise.

So now there is my son whose first word was “ball,” who wakes up in the morning talking about balls, and who uses two hands to swing his plastic golf club at any ball he can find all. day. long. He points out any round object he sees anywhere – in books, in the store, outside – and says, “ball?” He pointed to a button on his grandma’s shirt the other day and said, “ball?” When he is not swinging his golf club he is chasing balls around the living room kicking them or throwing them to whoever will play.And it’s not just the golfing. He has this two-step forward jump he does to catch himself if he starts to lose his balance. As in, a move so athletic I can neither accurately explain it nor recreate it.  I would be asking, “whose child is this?” except that I know. Zach’s. Now if Dash wakes up from his nap on the weekends and comes downstairs to find a football game on TV he claps his outstretched hands toward the TV and says, “foo-ball!” I maybe would roll my eyes except that it is just so fascinating to see  some part of my genetic material be athletic.



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