Trick or treating begins.

Halloween is upon us and I got to debut Dash’s costume for the first time today.

Yes, he is an old-timey golfer. Since it is a battle every night to remove the ball and golf club from his hands before bed I figured if I could get him to wear the beret we had a costume without too much work.

The hat my grandmother got for me on a trip to Ireland when I was little. The knickers are girl’s tights cut and sewed to the bottom of a pair of his shorts.

We went trick or treating at Zach’s office today and it took about two offices for Dash to get the idea.

And then he went tearing down the hallways in search of more loot. He even took time to show off his swing.

No offense to the Iron men, puppies, and tiny bunnies, but my little old-timey golfer was pretty stinkin’ cute.

Just watch out for that back swing. And the follow through. And the 52 practice shots.


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