A little culture vulture.

Last time my parents visited we took Dash to two art museums. He has already been to the art museum in Omaha, but this was his first visit since being to walk.

I think we made several guards nervous by letting him walk around, but he is too short to touch anything so what is the big deal? He did yell quite a bit, but he was enjoying himself.

When he saw this fantastical creation he said, “oh wow,” which made a guard laugh out loud and call over other guards to see the little art critic.

Just telling it like he sees it, I guess.


15 months.

This week Dash turned 15 months old. I resolved on his birthday to just say that he was one for the whole year. Not because I have a problem knowing how many months old a child is, but because I was so thankful to have survived the first year and I just wanted to enjoy one for awhile.

But, as life goes, he didn’t stop getting older. Darn.


20 lbs. –> 5th percentile

29 3/4 in. –> 10th percentile

Yes my 15 month old is the same size as some of your 6 month olds were.

Between 12 months and 15 months he:

-learned how to walk

-now has12 teeth

-got his first haircut from mom

-dropped down to one nap a day

-finally grew out of some of his 3-6 month clothes

-finds objects in books you ask him about by pointing to them

-follows simple commands

-some things he can say: ball, balloon, bubble, dog, cat, squirrel, pig, bear, bird, baa, moo, woof, roar, leaf, shoes, socks, hat, down, up, please, dad, wow, water, milk, baby, Dash, duck, blanket, off, on, bye, uh-oh, “slips” (slippers), “read it” (for reading books), “diap” (diaper), and once said bible and once said Bluma – his cousin. He loves “b” words. I wonder if that has anything to do with his favorite word – ball – that also starts with b??

-can sign: please, thank you, milk, water, eat, sleep, airplane, and most importantly ball and football

One of his favorite things to do is help Zach put on his socks and shoes in the morning. He will get Zach’s work shoes and bring them over to his dad.

One night at dinner, Zach’s mom said “I’m shocked,” about something. Immediately Dash picked up on the phrase along with the corresponding hand motion and now says, “shocked” while waving his hand when prompted.

We smell his toes and say “P-U!” Which he believes is the height of comedy. He reciprocates by smelling our toes…with his teeth. We are working on perfecting the distinction between mouths and noses and their unique senses.

Even though he keeps growing and I was happy with 12 months, 15 months is looking pretty great too.

Thanksgiving wonderfulness.

Thanksgiving is always a wonderful holiday and now that Dash is old enough to eat turkey too we all enjoyed ourselves. We first started with what will hopefully be a new family tradition of running in a turkey trot.

Dash made it all of about 8 minutes until he was fast asleep in the BOB. Zach and I ran our legs off and then quickly drove to Lawrence for our Thanksgiving feast. Dash spent his day coloring with his cousins,


and of course eating.

O is really Dash’s cousin once removed, but just cousin seems just fine. Nine months and 13 pounds separate them.

Apparently little boys learn early that groups of men do not smile at the camera. So serious.

Thankful this year for family – as always.

The birthday trifecta.

My mom’s birthday was Sunday which finishes up the birthday trifecta of me, my dad, and my mom. Happy birthday mom!

My parents were here this weekend loving on their grandson and showering him with gifts for my birthday. Yes, I’m an only child who thought it was normal to celebrate the day of my birth for a whole month and now my son will think it is absolutely ordinary to get presents for other people’s birthdays. Oh, and I am not complaining – I got more presents too.

Dash also got presents for my birthday from my aunt. Her birthday is last week too so really she is part of the birthday madness.

Here is Dash enjoying the birthday box from the moment it opened.

Dash stayed in the box of packing peanuts until lunch.  Check out his animal noises:

It was a fun weekend with my parents and I’m thankful for our new house that gives us space to have family stay comfortably with us.

Next up my BFF is coming with her two girls; baby girl #2 is now 3 months old and pulling similar antics to Dash’s at 3 months i.e not sleeping ever. We know it is going to be crazier than we can really prepare for, but I am looking forward to having some extended time with her even if, hopefully, she is sleeping most of the time! We did this at the same time last year, so I’m sure we can handle it. What’s one more toddler??

My mom says she doesn’t like the iPhone pictures because they don’t show up on her emails or something, but I am ever so thankful for the iPhone right now and its ability to capture the little moments in our life. So I’m sorry if you too are wishing for “real” photos, but this is what you get for now. (I stink at apologizes , btw, but I’m working on it.)

Embrace the camera.

November has always been birthday season in my family and my parents joke that as a kid I thought the whole month of November was my birthday.

“What day is your birthday, little girl?”


“Ah. Are you by chance an only child?”

Anyway, I probably will about birthdays a lot this month because that it is hard to come to grips with only having one day.

Here is a photo of Dash and I hanging out on my actual birthday.

He enjoys reading and has started that delicious toddler behavior of backing up and plopping down in the general direction of your lap if the urge to read hits him. It is like he has no thought the well-being of his tush. If the lap is not ready for him and he hits the ground, fine. He just must be read to. Now.

Love it.

Speaking of birthdays…

Happy birthday to my dad! And speaking of old…he really is! Just kidding, pop.

With a collection of hats to mortify any teenage daughter,

I know realize he wore those hats to shovel endlessly snowy driveways in the winter and watch weddings and graduations in sweltering summer heat. He and his hats are there to make mom and me feel safe and loved, no matter the weather.

I love you, Dad!

The big one.

I had a birthday this weekend, the big 3-0. As far as birthdays go it was pretty great.

I’d like to have something profound to record about reaching a milestone birthday, but I think I am happier that it isn’t too much different than 29.

I had waffles with this guy:



got a birthday serenade from the men in my life:

and got a birthday text from my niece:

And then Zach’s parents came in so that we could go out for the whole night! We went to Cafe Trio for dinner, went dancing with friends, stayed out too late, and then stayed at a hotel so we could sleep in the next day. It was a great time, but the 30-year-old part of me was wishing a little bit that we would have just gone to the hotel and gotten some good sleep. I think I will have plenty of years of wanting sleep and relaxation time as my present and fewer years of enjoying dancing the night away so I’m glad to have lived it up.

After having breakfast out the next day we came back to our boy who seemed to have aged at least a few days in the 16 hours we were away from him. Or maybe I just need to get out more. The only other night I spent away from Dash was the night before my half marathon in May.

I used to get nothing done other than attend to his feeding, diapered, and sleeping (or not sleeping). Now that he can play by himself for long stretches I still seem to get nothing done because I just like to watch him do whatever he is doing.

Here’s one difference from the last year: Dash is 14 1/2  months instead of  2 1/2 months and I am immensely thankful for that. I have no idea what we did for my birthday last year. I was so sleep deprived I have no clear memories from that time. Or maybe that is just the fog of old age.