15 months.

This week Dash turned 15 months old. I resolved on his birthday to just say that he was one for the whole year. Not because I have a problem knowing how many months old a child is, but because I was so thankful to have survived the first year and I just wanted to enjoy one for awhile.

But, as life goes, he didn’t stop getting older. Darn.


20 lbs. –> 5th percentile

29 3/4 in. –> 10th percentile

Yes my 15 month old is the same size as some of your 6 month olds were.

Between 12 months and 15 months he:

-learned how to walk

-now has12 teeth

-got his first haircut from mom

-dropped down to one nap a day

-finally grew out of some of his 3-6 month clothes

-finds objects in books you ask him about by pointing to them

-follows simple commands

-some things he can say: ball, balloon, bubble, dog, cat, squirrel, pig, bear, bird, baa, moo, woof, roar, leaf, shoes, socks, hat, down, up, please, dad, wow, water, milk, baby, Dash, duck, blanket, off, on, bye, uh-oh, “slips” (slippers), “read it” (for reading books), “diap” (diaper), and once said bible and once said Bluma – his cousin. He loves “b” words. I wonder if that has anything to do with his favorite word – ball – that also starts with b??

-can sign: please, thank you, milk, water, eat, sleep, airplane, and most importantly ball and football

One of his favorite things to do is help Zach put on his socks and shoes in the morning. He will get Zach’s work shoes and bring them over to his dad.

One night at dinner, Zach’s mom said “I’m shocked,” about something. Immediately Dash picked up on the phrase along with the corresponding hand motion and now says, “shocked” while waving his hand when prompted.

We smell his toes and say “P-U!” Which he believes is the height of comedy. He reciprocates by smelling our toes…with his teeth. We are working on perfecting the distinction between mouths and noses and their unique senses.

Even though he keeps growing and I was happy with 12 months, 15 months is looking pretty great too.


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