About Meg

Welcome to my blog! This started as a place for me to share with my family and friends the experience of being pregnant and now to share the details of our life with a newborn. Our son Ellis “Dash” was born August 22, 2010.

The name of my blog comes from all these hobbies that I want to be great at, but for whatever reason, I am more accurately described as a wannabe.

I will share a little about all the other interests in my life including photography, running, knitting, sewing, learning to cook, hot yoga, organic gardening, and training a Labradoodle named Watson –  to name a few. I have tried out lots of hobbies in my life, but have a nagging need for perfection which keeps me watching T.V. in my free time more than practicing my hobbies because it is easier to be really good at T.V. watching. Right now I am halfway through a sweater for my husband which looks like it will be snug on me. We are not the same size. I can’t decide whether to forge ahead or rip the whole thing out so that it is just right for him. That project has been sitting by the couch, waiting for my next move, for about a year.

I wanted to train my exuberant, three-year-old Labradoodle to be a therapy dog, but after he developed a horrific habit of barking at a handicapped child in our neighborhood I realized providing therapy was probably not his calling.

My goal for 2010 was to train for my first half marathon. Becoming a “serious” runner got happily bumped to the “wannabe” column when I found out I was pregnant. Along with hot yoga – yoga practiced in a room heated to about 95-100 degrees. I kept running through pregnancy, but was slowing down rather than adding miles. Now that Dash is here I am running again and hoping to make running a true hobby.

After trying to raise the “perfect” dog nearly killed everyone in the house, I have this sneaking suspicion that perfection is not a word that belongs anywhere near the word motherhood and perhaps shouldn’t have a place in any of my hobbies. Although I wannabe a great mom, I’m hoping and actively trying to let go of some of the control in my life and enjoy the experience no matter what happens. I suspect that mothering will be a lot easier on me and everyone else if I learn to enjoy it all.

Our dog may greet you by planting his muddy paws on your chest or the middle of your back, rather than politely giving you room to enter our house, my husband may always enjoy eating out more than eating my cooking, and I may not get a single ripe tomato in my garden again this summer. But my dog is happy, my husband is happy, and those dang squirrels have got to be happy with all their purloined tomatoes. I am beginning to suspect their happiness has nothing to do with perfection and everything to do with doing what they love to do and not caring who cares. Basically, at this point I want to stop thinking about everything I wannabe and I just wannabe me.  ~Meg.


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