Stuff I made.

I made my niece a dress for Christmas and forgot to take any photos of it. But then my sister-in-law sent this one the other day:

Too much cuteness. I think it’s the chubby thighs that make the outfit. Give a mom of a boy the opportunity to make something for a girl and she’s going to use pink ruffles. I mean maybe not, but why not?

Oh, and of course I put ruffles across the tush. There is just really no way to incorporate ruffles on the rear of a little boy’s clothes. Especially one who already requests to wear the same football sweatshirt everyday. Sigh. Headbands I can live without, but a life without baby tush ruffles? A mom can only take so much.


I make what you pin.

I have mentioned before how I enjoy Pinterest. It is a great source of decorating ideas. But I am way too intimidated to pin my own things. I have way too much indecision so pinning some idea is too much commitment. Ridiculous, I know. What is great about Pinterest is that I can just copy what my friends like. I can follow other people’s “boards” and it’s like my personal “best of Pinterest” board. So beware, if you pin it I will probably try it or make it.

Here are some examples:

Keeping each year’s holiday card in an album:

putting past year’s photo cards on book rings so you can flip through them and enjoy again:

especially enjoyable for toddlers:

a place to hold Christmas cards:

picture frame on the door:

(ends up being easily switched out for each holiday)

a ball jar hung up for fresh flowers – when it is in season:

and a few others that I can’t post because they are Christmas presents for people out there who may be reading!

In summary I am a big fat copy cat so if you pin it and you give me access to your boards I will probably be making your ideas. Standby for my etsy shop called, I make your pins.

Crafting: Another shopping cart cover.

Before Dash was born I made a shopping cart cover for my BFF’s little girl. It was a fun project and a pretty simple pattern to follow.  The result was something I think they got a lot of use out of. Now that Dash is sitting up and not at all interested in staying in his car seat during shopping trips I wanted to make a cart seat cover for us. I got some fun fabrics:










and whipped up a germ stopper suitable for a little boy.


Something about that handle on the grocery cart makes you just want to put your mouth all over it, doesn’t it. No? Well it does for Dash. Doesn’t that look on his face seem to say, “I know you just told me not to touch this and I’m going to show you that I can touch it if  want to.” Since we don’t have the level of understanding yet I will tell you this face actually means, “If you don’t take me home right now I am going to take a nap right here in this cart.”

Anyway, the cart cover also helps stop him from sucking on highchairs at restaurants or throwing his toys on the floor over and over – I sewed in a little loop to hook rings onto.

It is working out pretty great for us so far and I think I might have to actually buy the pattern for myself instead of borrowing my neighbor’s if I am going to keep making these.

Dash’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

My neighbor is a sewer too and has let me dig into her stash of baby patterns. I made the cart seat cover for my BFF’s little girl and am gearing up to make one for myself as Dash is mere moments away from sitting up on his own. My most recent project was to make Dash a sleep sack. I picked out the most fun, non-girly fleece I could find and got started. (Fleece seems to come in a variety of little girl friendly prints and only camo or puppy dogs for boys.)

Then I decided that overheating and non-natural fabrics were causing Dash’s eczema to flare up. We also are still pseudo-swaddling him. So my sewing project was derailed. But how can you just leave this fleece sitting in the unfinished projects bin?

I finally got it together, learned how to put in a zipper, and created Dash’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. If he is in a 100% cotton sleeper the fleece won’t touch his skin anyway and maybe, just maybe what he has been needing is a dreamcoat. Maybe this is the magic he needs to sleep through the night. Maybe I just needed some kind of story to motivate me to finish.

I decided to make the coat with sleeves and mittens for those chilly, chilly nights we are having now. I made the sack a bit larger than the little guy so he would be able to use it all winter.

Dash seems to like it.

A few nights ago Dash escaped his swaddle and the following night he rolled over onto his tummy! Exciting and terrifying while he is swaddled. I thought that was enough reasons to try out the dreamcoat.

He did not magically sleep through the night, but he did sleep a few hours without being swaddled. Maybe the magic needs a few nights to kick in.