Belly Photo Friday!

Here we are at 29 weeks! It doesn’t seem possible that I am already in the third trimester.

Maybe this is when you know you are ready to be a parent; you can’t stop talking about how fast time goes by and how quickly children grow up. Some day I will be telling this little bump about the time he lived in my stomach and was like a nocturnal animal, having a little dance party when I laid down to sleep each night.

The little boy is the size of a squash this week, somewhere around 16 inches long and 3 pounds. The majority of his work now will be putting on some fat. I feel his little parts moving around in there, but they all feel like elbows or knees. I guess it could be a bony little behind without chubby baby fat yet. Keep on growing little boy!


Another thing you should avoid while pregnant.

Oh, man. I had a dentist appointment this morning and it was bad.

Normally I don’t mind going to the dentist, I even enjoy it on some level. I like keeping up with teeth cleaning, doctor’s appointments, etc. so that I know I am in tiptop shape. But today, as a pregnant lady, I wished I was anywhere else but in the dentist’s chair. I don’t know if laying on my back was too much, but I had to make the hygienist stop several times and put the chair upright so I didn’t pass out. You are not supposed to be on your back because your abdomen and intestines press down on some important blood vessels making it difficult and uncomfortable for you and baby. I was trying to lay on my side while still tilting my head back, but it wasn’t working so well. At one point I felt all the symptoms of an oncoming fainting spell and had to sit up breathing and sipping water before the hygienist could continue. She was finally able to finish the cleaning job and my teeth are in good shape for another 6 months – thankfully when I will no longer be pregnant.

I haven’t had a belly photo in several weeks and there have been some definite changes in my figure. I will have to get back on track tomorrow as Friday is 29 weeks! We have just about 11 weeks left, which is pretty close to 10 weeks, which is barely any time left at all! (Pregnancy gives you the liberty to do creative math.)

Anyway here is another cousin picture my aunt took last week where I happen to be cupping my belly so you can see it better.