Brews to Babies

Last year at this time I was getting ready to do this:

I was running a 4-mile leg of a 44-mile race from Kansas City to Lawrence with a group of friends. It was raining, snowing, and generally awful and I had on so many clothes I could hardly get my legs to move. It was great and we had an awesome time.

Especially because there was an auditorium full of Free State beer, food, and tired, drunk runners at the end of it.

Yes, Zach was there. No he did not run, and yes he drank more than his share of our beer.

One of our friends couldn’t run last year because she was busy growing a little baby boy. This year she is in and I’m out to grow my own baby boy. I’m disappointed to not get to run this year because it was such a great time and the weather looks like it will be much better. But Zach and I won’t be totally left out. We are going to go meet the team at the end again and Zach will help them drink their beer. We also will be returning this little man to his runner parents:

His parents have entrusted us to watch him while they run. Maybe this little guy can give us some good pointers on how to raise such a stinkin’ cute little boy.

I don’t know if you can call it an epidemic or even a pattern yet, but apparently if you are female and part of our Brew to Brew team you are in danger of missing the yearly event to grow a baby boy.

I can’t wait to be back on the team next year, or to see who will be carrying on the team tradition…


Bring on the Baby Boy Gear

We’ve know this little guy was a little guy for just over a week and our  family has already started to build up a very respectable little boy wardrobe for him. I hear the birth of the first child of an only child who was also the first grandchild on both sides of the family ends up being kind of a big deal. I don’t think Zach’s family is any less happy for us, but there are eight kids and already eight grandkids so so they’ve been here before.

Anyway, on to the fashion show.

From an aunt and uncle and cousins:

This is funny because we sometimes refer to our little babe as “Mr. Derick Peanut.” We read an interview that Paul Rudd did of John Hamm in which John Hamm said that Mr. Peanut’s first name was Derick. We thought this was hilarious because we think Paul Rudd is hilarious and John Hamm is so cool. Feel free to just move on if you don’t agree or click here to read the hilarity.

This loot was from another aunt:

I love the color green because Zach has green eyes and there is a high probability our little boy will have green eyes just like his dad’s. I am always trying to get Zach to wear more green and now I have a bunch of little green outfits for the baby! When Zach is holding our screaming child in one of these outfits someday soon maybe I will see the color and be reminded of how much I love both of them and their eyes. Yikes.

These are from my mom:

I saw these sweet little embroidered onesies online and asked my mom if we could make something similar. Luckily in my world that means my talented mother will just go make me whatever I ask without me actually having to stitch anything. (Does anyone watch Modern Family? Did you see the last one where the oldest daughter pretends she can’t crack eggs so her mom will make all the cupcakes to “teach” her daughter the right way? Works every time. On the other hand, many of my sewing projects come out looking like the daughter’s cupcakes tasted so I don’t know that my mom has any other choice.)

Here’s a close up of the embroidered lion:

An Easter present from my mom and dad:

I saw this bib at Babies ‘R’ Us and loved it. I was telling my mom last weekend about how cute it was and she had already bought it and the baby art book. You can’t see it in the picture, but we have a Keith Haring print hanging in the living room that Zach got for me. The baby art book has black and white images from famous artists so my mother – a docent for many years – can start teaching art appreciation to her grandson right from the start.

I have other cute goodies to share, but that is enough for one post. We are thankful for such a generous and loving family and I am excited for our little boy to meet them. I know that they will welcome him,  love him, and support him just as they have for us.

It’s a…


I bet you are excited to find out that we are having…

A little girl!

or a little boy!

I bet you are dying to find out that you were right that it is a girl. That is what 65% of you thought.  I know I was nearly crazy with the anticipation of finding out if my motherly intuition was on track even though it was telling me the opposite of what you all thought.

Enough teasing! Zach and I just got back from the doctor. Well, first we called our parents, then we came home to let everyone know that we are having a…