Another fabulous baby shower.

A few weekends ago my BFF came down from Omaha to help my other good friend throw a couples shower for me and Zach.

The shower had a nautical theme, which was adorable.

The shower was at our house, but I just got to sit around about watch my friends decorate and prepare food.

And the food was delicious too. Being that it was a couples shower we had to have food and drink to please the men too. This meant our friend smoked pork butts for barbecue sandwiches and Zach made sure there was a new keg in the kegerator. Nothing says “welcome little one” like barbecue and beer, right? To go along with our atypical fare my friends made sure there were plenty of girl-friendly treats too.

We had a roomful of friends to join us for the delicious food and the celebrating.

We played games including baby-themed Pictionary. This is me trying to get my team to guess meconium.

I thought that would be an easy one because it seems like everyone in my world knows what that is, but there were a couple of husbands in the room who have not yet had a reason to know and were actually quite disturbed to find out about it.

And of course we opened gifts! Here my nearly two-year-old next door neighbor was helping me open gifts and read cards. She was really the star of the party.

It was a wonderful evening and it was all thanks to these folks:

Thanks friends!


“Surprise, you’re pregnant!”

We had a fabulous family baby shower this weekend. We have a lot of love and support from our family and they showered us with gifts and food and family togetherness in honor of our little guy.

I have more photos and stories to share so stay tuned.

30 weeks and a baby shower!

Here I am at 30 weeks! Can it really have been that long?

You can’t really see the definition of the bump from this angle, but I think it is funny that I don’t have a waist.

My mother-in-law had some friends and family over for a baby shower for me and the boy last weekend. My sister-in-law planned some games including identifying the type of candy bar melted in a diaper, a game that is actually hilarious especially when people start sniffing the diapers to get a better idea of which candy bar to guess.  I had a great time and the little guy got some yummy snacks and a bunch of sweet little gifts.

The cookies – rattles, onsies, bottles,

and of course Jayhawks:

The gifts:

This super cute monkey is what I think I will use to chart the growth of our little guy in his month to month pictures. So get used to seeing it!

My mom knitted these precious little booties that I just want to put on a shelf and look at.

And our little guy got all kinds of other goodies – books, toys, diapers, bath products, and clothes.

My mother-in-law also got us our stroller – the BOB – and I can’t wait to see it all put together. Zach is reserving this project for an upcoming weekend when I will be out of town. I have a track record of making these types of “construction” projects more stressful than fun when I am involved, plus it is fun for me to get to see the final, assembled product when I get home.

Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful shower and gifts!