Manly Nesting.

Saturday afternoon Zach began the process of assembling his little boy’s crib. He enjoys these types of projects and had asked me to stay out of the room so he could do it, but this only made me want to prove I could be in the room during the project. Zach has a perfectly legitimate reason for asking me to stay out.

While he enjoys these types of projects I get aggressive and bossy and usually end my participation by ripping up the instructions and storming out of the room. I am not proud of my behavior and I am mystified about where it comes from. (If you have theories, don’t tell me. I am not ready for that level of self-awareness.) While I did cut the instructions off of the mattress springs although it clearly said not to do so, I did not rip them up and Zach was able to calm me down before my storming out incident. He really is a pro – putting together his baby’s crib while expertly calming his wife’s childish tantrum.

After that I think I was a pretty pleasant companion and only got involved when he asked me to hold something or hand him something. What once was our guest room is slowly transforming into a baby’s room. The “third room” as we have creatively named the other room in our house will now become the sewing-office-guest-room. With so many functions for one room it is taking us a little time to transition, re-purpose, and organize the room and so it takes us awhile to get the nursery cleaned out and set up.

We both like the color of the baby’s future room so that is staying. I have enjoyed just walking upstairs and looking at our guest room because it was so cheery and welcoming. I had it decorated with my Italian art and books and it made me think of the sunny summer I spent in Italy. If the wall color had anything to do with giving me that feeling I wanted to keep it for the babe. Zach’s little brother informed us that the color yellow is stimulating for adults, but calming and relaxing for babies. (Again, if you know otherwise, don’t tell me. I am very happy with this idea.)

Watson spent the morning prowling the backyard in the rain so by the time he came in to join us he smelled like, well, a rain-drenched dog who then chose to bask in the sunlight from the window while staying right at his master’s side. On top of that I think he probably ate something unusual while outside because he was having, well, digestive issues which added a certain something to ambiance of the crib-building day. Most days Watson would not be Zach’s chosen companion, but doesn’t he look like such a good dog in this picture? He really is a sweet dog that just likes to be with us all the time. I think life with a dog like that sounds perfect. Zach thinks it smells disgusting.

Once Zach had mastered the marital and pet pitfalls of crib construction, the rest of the process was surprisingly easy. Easy for a manly man like him, of course. (Please note the screw driver to emphasize his manliness.)

We are happy with the result. We wanted a crib with a low profile that was solid wood and this one had the added bonus of being eco-friendly. We weren’t looking for a convertible crib because we have an extra bed already, but this one does transform into a toddler bed so we have that option before moving him into a full-sized bed. This one is by Babi Italia which is sold only at Babies ‘R’ Us. I think this one has been discontinued which explains why we were able to buy it at the overstock cave.

It is still hard to imagine what it will be like to have a little baby in there since we don’t have a mattress in there yet, but I’m happy to have the crib together. I kept going up to the room last night just to look at it.


Quick weekend rundown.

The week is flying by and I haven’t had much time to put together a post, but I want to at least give an update before I get too far behind.


My parents came and we had a nice time even though there was 6 inches of snow on the ground the whole weekend. We picked out a crib after a day of looking, but before buying we decided to think it over and search the internet for any information about this crib we may have missed. Zach discovered the exact same crib we wanted was available at an overstock store for $200 cheaper so we made a plan to get it during the week.

Mom and I did a little fabric shopping to get ideas for the baby’s room and had a slight disagreement about whether toile was girlie. I say it is. Case in point:

While cute, these do not fit my definition of manly. We tabled the discussion until Tuesday when we would know the gender of the future inhabitant of the room.

At the fabric store I bought this:

A friend of mine suggested using a dry erase board on the fridge to list out the week’s meal plan. I was filling her in on my lack of skill in grocery shopping and meal planning and she had some helpful tips. So far the menu really has helped us out this week and Zach has actually been referring to it.


I worked from home in the morning so that an installer could come put up our four new windows! Last summer I got some quotes on new windows and by winter we finally agreed that we needed something other than the 1949, single pane, original windows are house has. At least in the bedrooms. We did seven windows then and this time around we finished out the bedrooms and bathrooms so the baby has new windows! Zach is not excited at all by windows, but I am really enjoying them and the fact that ice doesn’t form on the inside of our bedroom windows any longer.

Zach spent the morning dragging his awesome friend Geoff and Geoff’s SUV to the overstock store to pick up our crib. Apparently this overstock warehouse is in a cave and has everything. Furniture, clothing, baby gear, food, etc. Both guys were amazed and want to return to really explore the selection. Zach was able to make a quick sweep of the place though and brought home not only the crib, but a $2 bag of “high quality” beef jerky and a baby baseball outfit for $1.25. Discount shopping man-style.

We have a lot of sorting, storing, and selling of furniture before we have room to assemble the crib, but here is what it will look like:

We wanted something simple and made with solid wood. This one converts to a toddler bed and day bed, but I hope this boy will stay in his crib for awhile. We have some scary stairs in our house that I am not ready to think about.

Also on Tuesday we had our sonogram, which you know. Besides finding out we are getting a little boy, we found out that all his little parts are there and are working. He is growing at a good rate and I have been able to feel him kicking because the placenta is in the back. This also means that Zach should be able to feel him kicking soon.

The best part was watching his little heart beat. We could see all four ventricles pumping away. It was really amazing. He was moving all over – flipping, punching his arms, and kicking his legs. The nurse had a hard time getting a photo of his feet because he kept wiggling around and she couldn’t get a straight-on picture of his face because he was so active. We did see him open and close his mouth a couple of times which was neat too. Zach said he spent most of the sonogram watching me watching the screen. He said he will remember that forever.

That night at the grocery store all I could see was mothers and their boys! I’m sure there were daughters there, but I just kept seeing these lanky teenage boys towering over the mothers they shopped with. We don’t have a whole lot of height in our families, but it is exciting to imagine what our boy will be like.


My aunt, uncle, and their three kids were in our area for a quick spring break trip. We got to met them for dinner last night which was great. We used to live a lot closer to them and so we saw more of them and I miss that. The kids are all growing up which is hard for me because somehow I can’t believe they are teenagers or soon-to-be teenagers. If they are teenagers then that makes me…old enough to have a baby I guess! I am the oldest cousin – 10 years between me and the next cousin – so I remember what each of them was like as a baby. It is hard watching them all get to that point where it isn’t OK to just rush at them and grab them up in a hug when I see them.

My aunt, uncle, and the kids created a checklist of skills that my boy cousins can pass on to their new second cousin. The list included the basics like fishing and creating annoying sounds, but also had more specific skills like mastering the “Irish Jig” which is my youngest cousin’s interpretation of a happy dance.

Tonight: We have been talking a little about names this week and did some more thinking tonight while watching basketball. We have ones we like, but we are not satisfied that we have found the right one yet. I think this will be a decision we consider for a long time.

***Update March 26,2010*** My aunt made a very good point in her comment than I forgot to mention. They asked me how big the baby was right now so the kids could imagine it. I told them he was about the size of a mango. Later when they were coming up with name ideas, of course the kids – the boys at least, I’m sure Lizzie would never say this – suggested Mango. What is family for if not to create embarrassing nicknames that linger long after your resemblance to said fruit or famous whale has passed? My Uncle Pat will be so proud that they have starting the teasing so soon.