The Super Bowl is coming.

We don’t let Dash watch TV. That is to say he only watches basketball, football, golf, and the occasional Blue’s Clues. One day when he got up from his nap I had Project Runway on to see who had won at the end of the Miss Piggy episode. I figured the cross-cultural episode would be ok for the 5 minutes that were left. Dash came in, sat in his little chair with his cup of milk, stared at the TV for about 30 seconds. Then he turned to me and asked, “fu-bol?”  Could he be anymore like his dad? He now can say Tebow and Manning. My pride overflows. (I kid. It is really cute when you ask, “who plays football?” and he answers, “Tebow!”)

Anyhow, we will of course be watching the Super Bowl this year and Dash I’m sure will be taking it all in with his dad. At least until bedtime.

“Practicing” for the big game:


Embrace the Camera.

I try to post every day, but this week I haven’t quite made it. Thank goodness for Embrace the Camera.



Usually I use this as an assignment to get a photo of myself into my blog. I’m usually the one behind the camera, but today is a Dash and Daddy day.

When Zach got home from work last night he snuggled up with Dash to look at some books we had picked up at the library.

They rock and read books almost every night before Dash goes to bed. Now that the daylight outlasts Dash’s wakefulness it is getting harder to put him to bed so early. I want to keep him up so we can enjoy more time together as a family during the week. But I’m not messing with the sleep situation. All that made this little moment so sweet.