The Super Bowl is coming.

We don’t let Dash watch TV. That is to say he only watches basketball, football, golf, and the occasional Blue’s Clues. One day when he got up from his nap I had Project Runway on to see who had won at the end of the Miss Piggy episode. I figured the cross-cultural episode would be ok for the 5 minutes that were left. Dash came in, sat in his little chair with his cup of milk, stared at the TV for about 30 seconds. Then he turned to me and asked, “fu-bol?”  Could he be anymore like his dad? He now can say Tebow and Manning. My pride overflows. (I kid. It is really cute when you ask, “who plays football?” and he answers, “Tebow!”)

Anyhow, we will of course be watching the Super Bowl this year and Dash I’m sure will be taking it all in with his dad. At least until bedtime.

“Practicing” for the big game:


Moves like Jagger.

Dash is a tiny man with many moves. Here is his go-to move the fast march. Or maybe it is a merengue?

Then yesterday he started some balancing and tumbling moves. We can’t figure out where he picked up his moves, but they are daring and hilarious. He’s probably headed to the Olympics. Probably. In golf and gymnastics. He’s like Bo Jackson.

If you want to see the other videos click the feed link on my youtube channel to see more of his impressive feats.

For those of you who think you have seen enough I will leave you with this:

This tiny man has flair.

What’s up with that.

Here we are in the new year and so a little update on what is going on in our lives is probably appropriate. Some might say goals, but I can’t even pin things to my board in Pinterest so I’m not about to be putting down GOALS in all caps. It’s a new year, but let’s not get crazy. Plus it’s almost the end of the month so resolutions is just a silly word to be throwing around at this point.

Anyway, at the top of Dash’s 2012 to do list was to catch an actual cold. Last Saturday night I was sure he had whooping cough and Zach and I listened to “the sounds of whooping cough” on the internet. Ugh. Don’t do it. That was enough to convince the logical one in our parenting team that Dash did not have whooping cough. The other more…hyper dramatic of us was just as convinced that we did have a whooping cough-er. Either way he went back to sleep and slept fine, but then spent the last three and a half days felling pretty congested and yucky.

We have stayed indoors away from all society for most of that time which led us to accomplishing another of Dash’s goals – playing with every single ball he owns all at once. It’s a game he named “Roll Ball.”

The boy is ball-wealthy. This picture is the equivalent of Scrooge McDuck swimming in a pool of his money.

On the top of my list is to run my second half marathon, hence the countdown to the right. I have also added a link to my twitter account where I talk only about running and post twit pics of things like my legs in a bathtub of ice.

After that I plan on doubling my mileage from last year. I think is will be easier than it sounds because I took a big chunk of the summer off after an injury from the last half marathon. I also dislike running in the heat of summer so I need to find some motivation to get through that.

And then on the potential goal list is running the Hospital Hill Half with my running buddy in June. This is still on the wait list in my mind because I need to overcome my whole fear of the heat thing first.

Other than running my to do list contains:

– opening an etsy shop

– continuing to follow this decluttering calendar:

– and following this yearly reading guide:

So far so good.

Embrace the Camera.

The Christmas celebrating begins tonight in our house and I am so excited to start some new traditions in our new home.

Anyway, today Dash is 16 months old which seems like an impossibility. In my hopes to keep him a one year old for the whole year here are some family snaps from almost 3 months ago. Yes the TV is on and no none are in focus.

Merry Christmas if we don’t see you until after the big day!

Christmas super cookies

My aunt and I went to town on some Christmas cookie decorating when she came for a visit.

She makes cakes and cookies for parties as a hobby so she doesn’t mess around with the royal icing.

Or rather, she does mess around a lot with the royal icing and as a result she can do some amazing things.

And now that it is almost Christmas it is finally time to eat them which is all that this boy cares about.

Embrace the Camera.

A very special Embrace the Camera this week.


When my BFF was here last month she took some great shots of us with our little guy.

A daddy’s lap is never too full for another little one and her dolly. As long as they are all interested in setting up his fantasty football line-up…

I look like I stole this kid. Looks not a bit like me.

And my sweet boy leaning in for a snuggle with his mama. I know it is statements like this that will make him cringe someday, but it is really amazing to have someone trust so much that your love will always be there. He doesn’t even know how to doubt our love for him and I want to snuggle up every ounce of that wonderful, innocent trust.