Boys areĀ gross.

My baby peed on his face. I am no good at building up to the punch line of a story so there it is up front.

I was changing his diaper and had his little tushy hoisted up in the air. When I lowered him back down I saw that his romper was soaked. I followed the wet trail up to his face where he blinked back at me, looking rather pleased, with pee all over his face. Fantastic.

I usually have him covered with a cloth wipe so if he pees it just soaks the cloth, but sometimes his vigorous kicking displaces the pee shield. If he ever goes while uncovered it makes me jump. The thing about it is that it makes no noise; he is a stealth pee-er. I guess I am used to the sound of pee in a toilet, not being shot in an arch through the air. The latter is soundless and much messier.


Cloth diapering here we come!

On Saturday my neighbor and I went to our local cloth diapering store for a diaper swap. I also had a Groupon to spend so it was a serious shopping spree for all things related to baby poo.

I have about half the number of diapers I probably need to get into cloth diapering full time and I want to get started in the next couple of weeks so I needed a few more to try out. My neighbor had suggested getting a variety of brands and styles so I can test them out and see which ones work best for us. From shower gifts, watching the sale sites like, Baby Steals and from the diaper swap here is what I have so far:

g Diaper


bum Genius

Happy Heiny

Fuzzi Bunz

handmade diapers and soakers from my neighbor.

They are all washed and ready for action.

The biggest hurdle to cloth diapering is Dash’s persistent diaper rash. The only way to keep it at bay seems to be Desitin which is not compatible with cloth. I picked up some disposable liners, some fleece liners, and some all natural diaper cream to give us some options to try with cloth. The best solution would be to figure out what is causing his rash, but so far we have no ideas. On one hand a more breathable fabric might help out his little tush. On the other hand the disposable diapers might be keeping it from getting worse because of their incredible wicking powers. Ugh. Either way it isn’t stopping this boy from smiling!