Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011. Here it goes:

Friday morning “Christmas morning” in KC. Homemade cinnamon rolls.

Christmas pjs and present opening for the first time in our new house.

Friday afternoon. In the car to Omaha. Broken portable DVD player means game 2 1/2 hour game of catch.

Walking tour of Christmas lights in my parents neighborhood.

Saturday visit with an old friend and a new baby. Baby 10 months younger and 2 pounds heavier than our “big boy.”

Back in the car. On the road to Fremont and the Christmas Eve celebration.

Football with the cousins.

Christmas carols. Accompaniment by the toddler.

Family. Crab legs. Homemade crescent rolls. Peppermint pie.

Gift opening. All done in time for a 7:30 p.m. bedtime.

Christmas morning. Pancakes with great-grandma’s recipe made by three generations of family members. And enjoyed by the youngest.

In the car. Back to Omaha for Christmas day gift opening.

Christmas afternoon nap.

Enjoying time with family and new toys.

Monday. Back in the car to KC. Christmas 2011 done. Enjoyed by all.


Embrace the Camera.

The Christmas celebrating begins tonight in our house and I am so excited to start some new traditions in our new home.

Anyway, today Dash is 16 months old which seems like an impossibility. In my hopes to keep him a one year old for the whole year here are some family snaps from almost 3 months ago. Yes the TV is on and no none are in focus.

Merry Christmas if we don’t see you until after the big day!

Christmas super cookies

My aunt and I went to town on some Christmas cookie decorating when she came for a visit.

She makes cakes and cookies for parties as a hobby so she doesn’t mess around with the royal icing.

Or rather, she does mess around a lot with the royal icing and as a result she can do some amazing things.

And now that it is almost Christmas it is finally time to eat them which is all that this boy cares about.

Embrace the Camera.

A very special Embrace the Camera this week.


When my BFF was here last month she took some great shots of us with our little guy.

A daddy’s lap is never too full for another little one and her dolly. As long as they are all interested in setting up his fantasty football line-up…

I look like I stole this kid. Looks not a bit like me.

And my sweet boy leaning in for a snuggle with his mama. I know it is statements like this that will make him cringe someday, but it is really amazing to have someone trust so much that your love will always be there. He doesn’t even know how to doubt our love for him and I want to snuggle up every ounce of that wonderful, innocent trust.

Bring us your babies. We will make them sleep.

Dash didn’t sleep for 6 months. I know, I know you think I am exaggerating. I do exaggerate it’s true, but I’m serious about sleep. And we all didn’t sleep for 6 months. We napped. Poorly. For 6 months.  It was a bad, bad time and finally at 6 months we gave him his aden + anais security blanket and shut the door. (These are amazing.) Then things got better. And then a little better. And then really great. But then my BFF had baby #2 and instead of being like her delightful older sister she is being a little like Dash and won’t sleep. It hurts my heart to hear about families going through what we went through and I wish I could go care for their babies for a night so they could go to sleep without hearing a crying baby. So when my BFF came for a visit before Thanksgiving I got the chance. Well, more accurately Zach got the chance.

On the first night of her visit I was up all night panicking, but not helping so by the second night I was tuckered out and Zach did most of the late night baby duty so that my BFF and I could sleep. oops. But amazing.

We pulled out all the tricks we had learned about baby sleep – swaddling, white noise, dark cave-like room for nighttime sleep, high-speed setting on the swing, naps every 90 minutes during the day, interpreting her cries – and this time we weren’t sleep deprived so it just wasn’t such a hopeless pursuit. Oh, that and it wasn’t our child crying. There is that whole mother-nature-instinct-to-stop-the-earth-from-turning-if-it-would-help-your-baby thing that is triggered when your baby cries. When my friend’s beloved child cries I care for her, but I can see through her silliness and know that I am older and wiser and know that all she really wants is sleep.

By the end of the weekend she was not a reformed sleeper, but there is hope. There is a light at the end of the dark, dark nights. And in return for that my BFF organized my pantry, took photos of our family and 15-month shots of Dash and product shots for my soon-to-be etsy shop, taught me how to make the most delicious pancakes and toddler and husband pleasing quesadillas, and generally nourished my soul.

Here we are with our offspring:

(can you really expect a baby with hair like that to follow the rules the rest of us live by??)

and Dash in his boyish glory:


and some of the fun we had:

and this shot that is the whole reason we moved into our new home:

A lot of little lives in one room. And yes, I am referring to the recipe on my computer across the kitchen. My eyesight is amazing.

But seriously, we have a dark cave of a room in our basement, a white noise machine, and a baby swing that goes very fast, i.e. baby sleep central. We will be happy to rent it out.

Thanksgiving wonderfulness.

Thanksgiving is always a wonderful holiday and now that Dash is old enough to eat turkey too we all enjoyed ourselves. We first started with what will hopefully be a new family tradition of running in a turkey trot.

Dash made it all of about 8 minutes until he was fast asleep in the BOB. Zach and I ran our legs off and then quickly drove to Lawrence for our Thanksgiving feast. Dash spent his day coloring with his cousins,


and of course eating.

O is really Dash’s cousin once removed, but just cousin seems just fine. Nine months and 13 pounds separate them.

Apparently little boys learn early that groups of men do not smile at the camera. So serious.

Thankful this year for family – as always.