Lucky genes.

It happened again! I won a contest. As I said before I truly never win and have been more like the antidote to my husband’s innate luckiness until I won a wonderful spring tote from a blog I regularly read.

Then Tastebud, a local foodie magazine I like, was having a giveaway for readers. The prizes were several different plants from Greenleaf Garden Services. One of the plants was a Knock Out Rose bush which is a variety that a landscaper had told us would be good for our yard.  So I sent in an email to enter into the contest and explained how lovely a Knock Out Rose would be on the side of our front yard.

And guess what?

Bam! I won again! I don’t have the plant yet; Greenleaf was nice enough to hang on to it until the weather is better for planting.

I am s o excited for this plant because we have two beautiful azalea bushes in front of our house that last through the spring and a rose bush on the side would be a great way to keep some bright color going through the summer. I am also excited because it was highly unlikely we would be spending much money on landscaping this year with the little guy on the way.

Thanks Tastebud and Greenleaf!

Zach’s explanation for my sudden reversal of unluckiness is that I am carrying his lucky genes in my uterus. If this theory is true I don’t have much longer with the luckiness and I maybe should find some other contests to enter quickly. But, just like Zach, I now have a sense of responsibility to use my luckiness wisely. I don’t want to misuse it or tarnish the lucky name in any way.

The good news is that of all the genes Zach and I could pass along to our little guy, luckiness is definitely on the “pros” list. Like father like son, I guess. And I’m just feeling pretty lucky to be linked to them.


Luck o’ the Irish

Throughout the past year I have entered the world of blogging as a reader. It all started with a Google search for Kansas City and running so I could figure out what people do when it gets so cold outside.  That led me to the blog of a local runner. From there I found blogs by all sorts of other runners and found inspiration to put running a half marathon on my “to do” list. My reading list expanded when several running bloggers became expectant mothers. I also had a few friends who had started blogging to keep track of their experiences with pregnancy and parenthood.  From there I found a nice assortment of fun daily reading on all my other favorite topics:   cooking, photography, being a mom, eating well, knitting, crafting and sewing, and being green.

I had never commented on anyone’s blog because it seemed invasive – even though I was reading about their lives – but I started commenting on friends’ blogs. Then one of my favorite bloggers was doing a giveaway of her homemade goods and I couldn’t help myself. I commented as a way to enter her contest. And guess what? This is what:

I won! I won this  fabulously cute spring tote that Jill over at homemade by jill made. I  love it, love her work, and love how springy I feel carrying it through these last dregs of the everlasting winter. Also exciting is that I won…at all. I never win. I know people say this, but I have proof, which my very logical husband supports, that my name is like the antidote for luck while his name has mystically lucky powers. He always wins. He is always right and he always wins. If he enters a raffle, he wins. If he makes a bet, he wins.  He also doesn’t bet if he isn’t right. If you ever run into him and he bets you about anything don’t take the bet. Seriously. This is for your own good. I am not bragging on him I am warning you.

This is part of responsible use and management of his luck. He doesn’t haphazardly throw his business card into every free lunch drawing he sees nor does he buy lottery tickets. We did that once and didn’t win. But here is one important factor and one interesting outcome. Factor – I was involved. I picked some of the numbers and like I said, my touch is like the opposite of gold. Maybe it is the equivalent of turning things to coal or something less useful or desirable. And the interesting outcome is this:  the one time in his life he enters the lottery the winners were eight meat-packing employees who had entered together and  received the biggest payout ever. Guess where they lived? In Lincoln, where we lived at the time. And the plant was across the street from where I was working. It was as if the luck was searching the country to find him and I got in the way.

Anyway last summer at a charity function for a local charter school  I experimented with this lucky names theory. We attended the event through his work. Part of the event involved going through the school and listening to the kids tell you about the different program at their school. Then you could enter the raffle at their stations.  I put my name in a few drawings throughout the school tour.  Then, for whatever reason – the cute kid offering me the raffle ticket, too many glasses of wine, or just a feeling of reckless daring knowing I could actually win something – I clearly wrote Zach’s name instead on my own.

Later when I met back up with him I casually mentioned that I had entered a raffle using his name and that it may just be for something we could not possibly ever accept. I was reprimanded and questioned for all details. It is like his name has a limited amount of luck  and I used up one dose of it. Also he didn’t want an unlucky name like mine to be handling his luck-filled one. This is serious business. He said, “We are going to have to get out of here before that raffle because I am going to win and I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of these people I work with.” Silly, right? How could he assume he would win? But I trust this guy and the look on his face was all business. After more mingling and more wine I had forgotten our need to make a quick and early exit before the raffle winners were announced at the end of the evening.

It was a nice night and the event was outside with music, etc… and forgetting the earlier business face and warning I had been given I convinced him to stay to see if I had won any of the other prizes. Of course I hadn’t. And of course the one I put his name on was the big, show-finale prize. As he heard it coming up he grabbed my hand and started to pull me across the front lawn of the school toward the street and our get-away car. As we got about dead center of the main lawn his name was called out from the stage.

I should tell you now what prize I entered to win using his name. Him, young married guy with no kids. The prize package was a package of tickets to all sorts of wonderful children’s events for a family of four including a day at the zoo, the Royals, a puppet show, and a magic show. People started to turn around, looking and locating him. He left me in the safe shadows on the outskirts of the party and made his way up to the stage to accept his child’s day of wonderment. Oops. After Zach politely declined the prize off to the side of the stage we made our exit and I had my proof. My name is unlucky. But now, I’m a winner! Is it a change in my luckiness? I don’t know, but I’ll take it, whatever it is.