36 weeks pregnant and a bunch of belly photos.

We’ve come a long way and now we are almost there.

Along with throwing me a fantastic shower last weekend, my BFF took some maternity shots of me, Zach, and the bump. She sent me a preview of the photos and they are great. I am excited to see more. I wanted to have these so that someday our kid could look back and see what we were like and how happy we were waiting for him. Thanks to my friend and her husband we have some amazing pictures to remember this whole journey. They are my favorite photographers in Omaha because of their amazing work. You should check out their latest work at their blog.

We have come from this:

– I thought I was huge at this point. Seriously. I was 19 weeks, two days, and I couldn’t understand why people were not stopping me on the street to rub my belly –

to this:

I like how my belly looks like a glowing egg.

From the day we found out (snapshot courtesy of the then shocked and excited dad-to-be):

to this:

Wow. This baby has been working hard to grow so much in such a short time.¬† Now that we’ve gotten this far it is hard for me to comprehend how fast this experience has gone. Yes, I want to meet our baby, but I can’t wrap my mind around how soon this part of my life will be finished. I only have a few more weeks to rest my hand on his little rump under my skin and imagine how he is all curled up. I only have a little while left to feel him wake up and roll around to get closer to the sound of his dad’s voice.

Don’t think I am delirious with pregnancy hormones or suffering from heat stroke. I am aware that it is July,that¬† it is hot, and that I am having a hard time expanding my lungs around my son’s growing body parts. I dream of again one day wearing a shirt that doesn’t either sneakily ride up to reveal the bottom of my massive belly or instead make me look like a tent with a head. But this has been a strange, magical experience and when it is done I will never have this wonderment of a first-time pregnancy again.

I also have this feeling that from now on my life is going to be filled with weeks that go by too fast and moments that I want to stay in forever because I know how soon they will all be memories. It will be quite a few years, I imagine, before Zach and I leisurely sit on the couch knowing we really have nothing we need to be doing.

So for now we continue to wait, to feather our nest, and to get in as many rounds of golf as we can.

Awesome photos courtesy of Moseley Photography in Omaha, Nebraska. Seriously go look at their other amazing wedding and family photos if you haven’t.